Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you know, Grooveshark isn't a shark at all?

By Jordan Fenwick

When one wants to listen to a new band and doesn't want to listen to all the other junk that somehow may be grouped in the same genre (ie. Pandora), look no further than

I was shown the light by fellow writer and follower of this blog, Jamen. Grooveshark allows you to search for an artist and find albums and songs by them. You can add them to your own personal playlist and listen to them approximately 200,000 times in a row if you like. Unlike some sites that restrict the amount you listen to an artist per hour (ie. Pandora). But you may say, "well one thing about Pandora I like is the ability to have a random song that I've never heard before ". Well you're in luck, Grooveshark offers a radio function as well that allows you to listen to random songs streamed to your desk.

When Jamen first told me of this, I thought to myself "How is this legal". Well as far as I can tell it is legal, it all began when some University of Florida students created the idea for a class project (according to the sites FAQ). You can also join Grooveshark and save your playlists, share songs with friends and follow bands that you have became interested in.

In conclusion , no one loses with Grooveshark, except maybe somehow the artists providing the music. But us, the listeners can reap the benefits of finding out if an album is great before purchasing or downloading. Happy Listening!


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