Monday, October 18, 2010

Grooveshark Update: New Music Widget and News!

As a follow up to Jordan's wonderful overview of a wonderful music streaming service, I wanted to announce the addition of the Groveshark music widget to the right side of the Donuts blog page! The Grooveshark playlist features some favorite songs provided by Jordan and myself. Enjoy the tunes and check out Grooveshark!

Also as an update, if you are a Grooveshark junky you should know that their VIP service rates are increasing from $3 a month starting in December. If you sign up as a VIP now you can lock in that service price as well as experience some extra perks and features for VIP members. I myself have become a VIP member recently. Grooveshark itself is a free service, but it may pay to become a member. Read a more thorough review at my Tech Trends blog at the following link:


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