Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garrett Gue- Unknown? Not for long!

By Jordan Fenwick

As I was driving the other day I happened to come across Sirius/XM "The Coffee House", which is notorious for playing only acoustic music. After a decent cover by Maroon 5 of the old Beatles song "Michelle", a song came on by an artist I had never heard of. Normally in this situation I just hit seek and go to the next preset, but this tune caught my ear. The kind of song you hear that just makes you in a better mood for the 4 minutes it happens to be playing. The song was "Sugar" and the artist was Garrett Gue.

The only reason I knew the name of the artist and who sang it was because the car I was driving showed it on the screen. Any other time, I use my handy IPhone app "Shazaam" and it magically gives me the information. This time I did it anyway and was surprised to see that the song was not found, so I made a mental note and after a few days had passed I googled "Garrett Gue". There were very few search results other than a Facebook page, Myspace page and a few Youtube videos that someone had posted of a few songs. I decided to check out his Myspace hoping he would have a few more songs I could listen to and was happy with what I heard.

After digging a little deeper and doing a little research all I could find is that Garrett Gue is from Montana, currently lives in Seattle, Washington and is not picked up by any record label. He independently recorded his first album "Tall Drink O' Water", and continues to write music and play around Seattle anywhere he can get a gig.

As a writer of a blog dedicated to music, I felt it was necessary for me to pass along the "good word" that is Garrett Gue. His songs are warm, his voice is refreshing, and his lyrics are brilliant. It's not often I can say that I beat the majority when it comes to finding out good music before an artist hits the mainstream, but I feel that as Garrett continues to grow as a musician and gain popularity, he won't be under the radar for too much longer. I recommend anyone who enjoys acoustic music and great music all together should check out Garrett Gue. His album is available for download on Itunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


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