Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Music Sourced

Hey all,
Just a quick heart-warming holiday message from Jordan and I. We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and a Merry Christmas. It has been a really enjoyable year for the two of us getting to write about and share the music that we love. Thanks for your support, comments, emails, and interest in what we are doing here.

It's been a slow month on the site due to the holiday season but we have a lot of plans in the near future. Stay tuned for our 2011 wrap-up and retrospective. In the meantime, here is a playlist with some of my favorite Christmas songs to keep the holiday spirit going. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Favorites by Jamen Elbert on Grooveshark

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inside the Music with American Songwriter

To provide unparalleled inspiration to the masses of passionate music fans and songwriters alike.

Through insightful, everyday language, building the best media brand in the world covering the creation process and the stories behind the artists whose livelihood is “The Craft of Music.”

It's an unfortunate and exciting fact that I can't personally soak up enough music to stay expertly  informed on the ever changing landscape of the music industry. Every week I stumble across artists that just blow me away and I often find myself researching to find out how long I've been missing out on this artist that I just now can't get enough of. The upside of all this discovery is that my playlists are always fresh, my road trips are always entertaining, and I'm constantly re-inspired to share these sounds on this space. Music Sourced is my outlet, and I thank those who come here to discover new tunes.

I also like to use this site to share insights on other music sources. There are a lot of sites out there that I use for artist discovery and one that you all should take advantage of is American Songwriter. The singer / songwriter genre is one of my favorites and this is the single greatest source I have found that covers it. The American Songwriter staff loads this site with so much content that it's difficult to keep up. They do loads of album and concert reviews as well as artist spotlights. The feature that I enjoy most on the site is titled "Behind the Song" where they dig in to the meaning and inspiration behind famous radio hits and tell how the song came to form from a historical perspective. Think of it as a VH1 behind the music that is dedicated solely to one song. They also have a section titled "Technology" section that keeps the geek in me happily occupied.

For those of you who prefer listening over reading, they also record what they call "American Songwriter Sessions" where they invite artists in to perform in their office. They shoot and record great high quality video and sound and you will get introduced to some great songs. Check out the video below to see a songwriter session with The White Buffalo and his song "Wish It Was True". (Fun fact: Notice how many CD's are on the shelves on the back wall. I think it's fair to say these people know their music!!)

If you enjoyed the song, you can download it for free via NoiseTrade because American Songwriter released a sampler of their artist sessions as a free download. Some of my favorites were from Vetiver, HoneyHoney, Ben Sollee, Courtney Jane. My favorite song on the sampler is "Mississippi" by David Nail. You can preview and download the sampler using the widget below and check out American Songwriter's site! You can also download their iPad app or sign up for their magazine from the site.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lauren Melendez : A Very Ukulele Christmas

It's my plan to try and post something promoting the holiday season at least once a week for the next month.  After I ran into the free Drew Holcomb album last week I also came across this lovely EP by Lauren Melendez titled  A Very Ukulele Christmas.  Although it's only 3 songs, they are still 3 very well done songs.  As someone who plays a ukulele from time to time, I definitely appreciate the sounds Lauren brings on this record.

With the ukulele, she offers us a different feel to the traditional songs O Come Emmanuel and The First Noel.  I can envision listening to these songs in front of a nice fire, sipping eggnog, all while spreading Christmas cheer to all of those who happen to be lucky enough to be around me ..... (ok, ok that may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.)  

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this album and may even grow a greater appreciation for the ukulele, and realize that its music isn't always the same as stereotypical uke songs such as Mele Kalikimaka. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, let me be the first to tell you they fit perfect in any holiday playlist. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movember Finale!

The Music Sourced team will soon be saying goodbye to their month long mustache and we want to thank all those who supported us along the way. Thank you to all of our team members who rocked the stache this month! There is also a lot to look forward to on our site for the holiday season. It's not too late to help us raise funds and awareness, you can support us at the following link:

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors : Neighborly Christmas FREE Download

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is alive and well after bountiful Thanksgiving meals as well as those of you who braved the crowds for Black Friday shopping.  As the holiday season is officially underway I had planned some holiday themed posts for the upcoming month, not knowing exactly how I planned to start it off, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find out via Twitter that Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors were offering their A Neighborly Christmas album to anyone who wants it for the one time low price of  $0.

This is exciting news, many of you that have been following us for awhile know that The Neighbors are one of our favorites and it just so happens that the Music Sourced crew is planning on making a much needed trip down to Nashville in December to watch Drew and the gang jam out as part of the  annual Christmas tour.

A Neighborly Christmas offers a fresh take on many of the holiday favorites you have known and loved for years. When I first listened to the album one word that came to mind was "Fun", you can tell that the group really enjoyed making it.  I really enjoyed Drew and Ellie's rendition of Baby it's Cold Outside as well as the Elvis classic Blue Christmas.  All you have to do to get the album is go to Noisetrade, or the widget below, and enter your email address and zip code.  You will receive an email with a  zip file in which you can download to your PC.  You can be sure to thank Drew, Ellie, and the rest of the Neighbors by heading out to see them on their upcoming Christmas tour, or by checking out more of their music at

Download No Longer Available

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Making Noise - 11/24/2011

Here is another edition of What's Making Noise where we dive in to some of the best free music downloads from NoiseTrade. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Matt Wertz - Twenty Three Places

I have owned this album for several years now and it's my favorite release from Matt Wertz. It is a great introduction to his music and a fantastic free download. Don't miss getting it. Songs like "Red Meets Blue", "Marianne" and his holiday bonus track titled "Snow Globe" are really enjoyabe.
Red Meets Blue by Matt Wertz on Grooveshark

Jillian Edwards - Galaxies and Such

Well hello Jillian Edwards. This NoiseTrade sampler is my first introduction to her music and I'm in love with the voice! I also found myself enjoying the creative composition of her music on this sampler. This Thanksgiving I can be thankful for this discovery and free download.
Songbird by Jillian Edwards on Grooveshark

Jars of Clay - Gather and Build

Not a whole lot needs to be mentioned about Jars of Clay. They have been on the scene since the 90's and have been making good music ever since. This sampler includes their song "Closer".  I want your kite strings tangled in my tree all wrapped up. 

Good line.
Closer by Jars of Clay on Grooveshark
Dispatch - NoiseTrade Sampler

Here's another sampler from another group that has been around for quite a while. Once again this is a sampler from the groups collection as a whole. I'm a big fan of their song "The General" and it is a part of this free sampler. I actually first heard the song as a cover from another band and I constantly hear it covered by many artists.
The General by Dispatch on Grooveshark
Download: NoiseTrade Sampler

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movember - Week 4 Update

The Music Sourced team has entered final week of the Movember campaign! Check out the video below to see how the first week of mustache growth has gone for the Music Sourced crew. To help us raise funds and awareness, you can support us at the following link:

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movember - Week 3 Update

The Music Sourced team has entered week 3 of the Movember campaign. Check out the video below to see how the first week of mustache growth has gone for the Music Sourced crew. To help us raise funds and awareness, you can support us at the following link:

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Also here is the link we mentioned regarding free mammograms for underprivileged women, it just takes a few seconds to do. Free Mammograms

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mockingbird Sun : Muscle Shoals EP

One band whom we've mentioned before at Music Sourced is Mockingbird Sun. Earlier this year we just so happened to be at The Exit/In the night they opened for another Music Sourced favorite in Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.  Immediately after hearing how well these guys performed I was instantly a fan and downloaded their first self titled EP.  After jamming to their 3 part harmony on those 4 songs I instantly wanted to hear more of their music.

In September Mockingbird Sun released 4 new songs on The Muscle Shoals EP, and I bought it the first day it was available (side note, I know we like to get out free music but this EP is only $5, which is practically like stealing from the band itself). Upon hearing the first track Lucky Guy  I knew the band still packed the same punch they had in their first EP. My personal favorite song off the EP is Sun Drop Girl, which brings almost a playful energy that keeps you tapping your right foot along to the beat (for those of you that have rhythm).

They finish up the EP by slowing down a bit on Oh Virginia and End of the Road.  I look forward to hearing more music from Mockingbird Sun.  If you haven't heard of them, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised once you do. You can check out the bands touring dates at their website , I also recommend following the group on Twitter to stay up to date on what they are up too as they tour the country.

Ps. If you are reading this and haven't heard of Movember or how we at Music Sourced are raising awareness, please direct your attention to the bottom right side of the screen and click on the picture to learn more , Happy Movember!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movember - Week 2 Update

The Music Sourced team has entered week 2 of the Movember campaign. Check out the video below to see how the first week of mustache growth has gone for the Music Sourced crew. To help us raise funds and awareness, you can support us at the following link:

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To learn more about the Movember campaign you can click the following link to find out more information: About Movember.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cover Music Worth Covering - Dashboard Confessional

I've got a solid lineup of cover music to share today. A few days ago Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional released a 4-song covers album that spurred on this latest post of Cover Music Worth Covering.

Dashboard Confessional - Covered in the Flood
Chris Carrabba is one of my favorite acoustic performers. So I am always happy to hear that he has released some new music. His latest release titled "Covered in the Flood" is a covers album of 4 songs that I have never heard of before. As a matter of fact, I have never even heard of the bands that originally performed these songs. Cover songs or not, it is good music. You can download the songs using the widget below.

The Coastals - Under The Covers
The Coastals offer up a 7-song cover album featuring music from some more recognizable names. The American punk rockers pay tribute to a host of UK bands including The Beatles, The Clash, and Modern English as well as American influences Elliott Smith and The Shins. The production value for these songs is uncommonly high for a covers album and it's a good listen. Sample and download the songs with the widget below.

The Coastals - Under The Covers by thecoastals

Since Forever - Cover Songs
Just came across these guys today. I know nothing about this groups original music, but it seems they have made somewhat of a name for themselves performing these cover songs a la Boyce Avenue. The link below provides a download of 20 songs of modern hits performed by the lead singer and guitar player. I love their punk rock music selections but unfortunately the production value is not that great on this download. All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The Maine, and more. One of my favorites is their cover of All Time Low's "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" shown below.

Download: Since Forever Cover Songs

Friday, November 4, 2011

David Ramirez - Live at the Cactus

David Ramirez continues to release his quality music free to music fans everywhere. It seems like every time I hear about a new release from Ramirez, it is offered as a free download. As long as this trend continues to happen, I will continue to share it on this space. I'm a fan.

This time around he has released an 11-track live album that was recorded at the Cactus in Austin Texas. Fortunately for me, 7 of those songs are new to my ears. A few of the songs on this live album are also new songs that Ramirez hasn't released yet until now. I really enjoyed David discussing the backstory to "Wandering Man" and the sacrifices and lifestyle that comes along with being a musician. This admission to the crowd lead him up to his song "Deal Me In" which is one of the first songs he wrote for himself as a solo artist. I also really enjoyed the live verion of the song "Arithmetic".

The inhabitants of Austin Texas and the surrounding area are fortunate to have this guy as a part of their local music scene. I was happy to hear David Ramirez in his live form and I believe you might as well. Click the link below to download his live album from his Facebook page and you can also check out our other David Ramirez posts for more of his Free Music.

Free Download: David Ramirez - Live at The Cactus

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Hits: November 1, 2011

A new month means more new artists to discover and more free music for your iPod! Quick Hits is back with 4 great songs to check out from 4 different artists/groups. Read, sample, and download below and let me know what you think!

Grouplove - Colours

I caught this group live on Conan Obrien's late night talk show. I was glued to the TV watching them perform and their on-stage energy. This is also one heck of a catchy song. Glad I found this one as a free download.
Download: Colours

Doomtree - The Grand Experiment

Awesome beat to go with a unique flow of vocal deliveries. This group seems like a bunch of talented misfits that quite honestly fit quite well together. Doomtree's "Grand Experiment" keeps building and building throughout the song for an enjoyable listen that will get you moving. 
Cowboy Junkies - Spiral Down

I really enjoy where this song begins and ends. At first verse you solely have acoustic guitar and subtle lyrics, but by the end you have quite a composition of stringed sound. I love a good sad song.
Download: Spiral Down

Megafaun - Second Friend

Simplistic, carefree, and easy going. "Second Friend" is light on vocal and instrumental range, but these three hairy fellows put together a very pleasant sounding harmony.

Movember is Upon Us

Today starts day one for our Movember team in our quest to grow mustaches for men's health. I am excited to report that we have 9 team members signed on to help raise money and awareness! If anyone is capable of supporting our team for Movember you can click the link below to donate or even join us to help raise awareness. In the meantime, we will all do our best to grow wicked awesome mustaches for you.

To learn more about the Movember campaign you can click the following link to find out more information: About Movember. Jordan and I have also prepared a video for the occasion just to kick things off.

Help support our team at

Monday, October 24, 2011

Alex Dezen of The Damnwells Joins The Rebecca West

Big news in the world of my musical interests this past weekend was that Alex Dezen of The Damnwells will be joining his sister Cameron Hammon and brother-in-law Matt Hammon to make a trio out of the group The Rebecca West. This is big news for me because Alex has transitioned in to one of my favorite artists because of his writing talent and that soothingly empathetic voice of his.

What makes this move most intriguing is that these three artists have been working with each other for quite some time, just not associated with the same band. Alex found success with The Damnwells and Matt joined him as their drummer for a short while. A few of Alex's songs are inspired by his family life and Cameron has been clearly featured in songs like 55 Pictures. Perhaps the most exciting part of this merger is that The Rebecca West is an acoustic group which will benefit greatly by Alex's vocal presence and writing ability. It will be exciting to see him matched up with family and an already talented duo of musicians. To read the official announcement and news about the new direction, read the statement from the band on their Blog Page.

If you are new to The Rebecca West, I have a free song download for you to sample. You can stream the song using the widget below and download it by entering your email address. Any comments from the Damnwells fans out there?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

American Songwriter - The Muse October Sampler

Contrary to the current trending topic on this website, we still cover free music downloads, hah. Our Twitter feed has been blowing up with the Movember Movement, but we are not going to cease with bringing you free music!

Today I was delighted with a free October music sampler from that I played a couple times through today. It was a great introduction to a lot of new bands for me and I really enjoyed pretty much everything on the sampler. This was also my first introduction to American Songwriter and I am loving their content! I might just sign myself up to receive their publication.

So make sure you check out this free download. Some of the genre tags associated with this sampler are Americana, Alt-Country, Indie-Rock, and Singer Songwriter but see what you think. I personally got a taste of the Ramones with "Mayday" and Bruce Springsteen with "The War on Drugs". My other favorites were "I Found You" by the Alabama Shakes and "Gasoline" by Shovels & Rope.

Free Download - The Muse October Sampler

A Music Sourced Movember !!

As a way to promote health among men everywhere, we at Music Sourced have came up with a proactive approach to spread the word about prostate cancer. Nearly 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, many of them after the age of 40. This is why it is beneficial for men to get a yearly checkup to help detect it early.

A great cause has grown over the past years known as Movember. The idea behind it is simple, during the month of November grow a mustache and help spread the word. All it takes is one person to pass the word on to others to keep raising awareness. I have created a team on the Movember website, don't hesitate to click here to join our cause, the more the merrier! It doesn't matter if you've never grown a mustache in your life or if you are a Tom Selleck look alike, all are encouraged to help do their part.

We would like to see what kind of response we can get with this idea, if you support our cause (male or female) please comment on this post. Jamen "Baby Face" Elbert mentioned he would only grow a mustache if Music Sourced readers requested him too, so please feel free to give him words of encouragement....

As a way to tie this into our music theme I decided to create a list of my top 5 mustaches in music history.

5.Ted Nugent

4.Jim Croce

3. Freddie Mercury

2. Ricky Skaggs

1. John Oates

Again, if anyone is interested in helping our cause or joining our team it is very much appreciated, Happy Movember!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lecrae - Rapping for Reach

To close out what has been a well received week of Rap and Hip Hop artists, I would like to share with you the talents of rap artist Lecrae. As with most artists I gravitate towards, I enjoy it when there is a message attached to the music. When you can feel the passion an artist has for his music and genuinely has something to share with the fans, the song becomes more than just a good sound or the latest trend.

Lecrae as an artist is no different. However his successful rap career takes a backseat to the message that he desperately wants to share with those who choose to listen. At 19 years old, he was encouraged by the message of a Christian leader who showed him his need for a Savior. Since then, Lecrae has made it his life's work to share that same message with as many people as he can reach. As you can see with the video below, his message is a powerful one.

Now the stereotypical rap song is not inspired by the word of God, but Lecrae's upbringing fits the mold pretty well. Growing up in a neglectful world of drugs and violence, he found himself trying to figure out where he fit in. Ever since God came in to his life, he has used his music as a means to offer the hope and encouragement he never had growing up.

Even though rapping has become his best means of communication, the majority of his efforts goes in to his ministry. In 2005, he co-founded ReachLife Ministries as a means to provide spiritually sound resources to other Christians and religious leaders. You can follow more of Lecrae's work by checking out his BLOG. If you want to check out some more of Lecrae's music, I found a free download to his 2010 album release titled "Rehab". This album garnered him top 20 spots on both the Billboard and iTunes charts.

Free Download: Lecrae - Rehab

Other Resources:
Lecrae's Artist Page
ReachLife Ministries
Lecrae - I Am Second

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty Lights and The Hood Internet

Let me start this one off by saying that this will not be a normal Music Sourced post. I am about to share some links that will give you access to over 500 free song downloads. Continuing on with our Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B drop the beat week, I will introduce the groups of Pretty Lights and The Hood Internet. But these two groups aren't your typical artists. These groups specialize in mixing the beats and keeping the records both directions. You can call them sound engineers, mashup kings, music producers, or just simply DJ's.

The Hood Internet

The Chicago based duo of Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell have been mixing sounds as The Hood Internet since 2007. Since then, they have mixed 100's of mashups that combine some of today's best hip hop artists with the instrumentals of some well known and lesser known songs. Even if you're not a fan of mashups, some of the songs that these guys create are even better than the originals. What is even better, every song they mash and mix is available as a free download to anyone. You don't even have to sign up for anything. You will find hundreds of songs on their Blog or SoundCloud page that feature artists like Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye, Snoop Dog, and plenty Indie artists to match. Check out my favorites below.

The Hood Internet - Last Knuckle (Big Sean x Man Man) by hoodinternet

Some Other Hood Internet Goodies
How Purple Can You Go - (Ludacris x Joker & Ginz)
Last Knuckle - (Big Sean x Man Man)
VCR - Freddie Gibbs, Telli (ninjasonik), Elizabeth Harper
All of the Lights - (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West)
The Pains of Going Hammer - (Soulja Boy x The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)

Pretty Lights
The sound behind Pretty Lights comes from Colorado native Derek Smith. Derek will mix together all sorts of Hip Hop, Electronic, and Funk to piece together a really impressive sound. Some of the tracks I have sampled actually have so much pieced together that you never hear the shift coming. Some of my favorite tracks from Pretty Lights feature remixed versions of hits from Kanye and Jay Z. Derek also put his craft to work on one of Daft Punk's tracks (Solar Sailer) that was featured in the movie Tron Legacy. The soundtrack to Tron Legacy is a testament to what these guys can really do. Daft Punk's sound creation really made "The Grid" a dark and sinister place in that movie (Listen to: The Game Has Changed). My home entertainment system got a workout when I watched it! Check out the sounds and experience of a Pretty Lights show with this YouTube video I Know The Truth and sample my favorite track below.

Free Download: Pretty Lights Tracks

Pretty Lights - Jay Z Empire State Of Mind Remix by prettylights

Monday, October 10, 2011

Intro to Rap Week

So as stated earlier this afternoon. I'm going to spread the love for the rap game. We have nearly released 100 posts now on Music Sourced and to my best recollection we have yet to share any Rap, Hip-Hop, or R&B on the site. I'll be the first to admit that rap is not my genre of choice and it's not part of my culture. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a place on my iPod.

So where does rap and hip hop fit in to my lifestyle? Well, sometimes you just got to dance and break it down. What's great about rap is that you don't have to be a good singer, you can yell it, hum it, speak it, beat-box it, and practically make it your own. And the best body moving beats come from this genre and there is definitely a time and place for it. I have a dedicated playlist on my iPhone for those times when its time to break out a dance party.

With that being said, one of the downfalls of the rap genre is that there is a lot of NOISE out there to filter through. Since anyone and everyone has the ability to rap, you will find a lot of garbage out there. But the best of the best can rhyme on the fly and mix a beat that can stand alone without any words needed. For me personally, I tend to gravitate towards the artists with high production value that will make your stock car audio system sound like the dance club. I also like the artists that don't over-saturate their music with sex, drugs, and vulgar language. It's not part of my culture, so it's hard to gravitate towards that type of music no matter how awesome the beat is.

Now when it comes to downloading free music, rap music is the easiest music to obtain a free download. Everyone wants to be heard. As a matter of fact, nearly all rap artists release free mixtapes to their fans no matter how well known they are. Sites like and feature thousands of free rap mixtapes by just about any artist. However, these sites are littered with ads and they require you to sign up to obtain the vast majority of the content. They even require you to give them your cell phone number! That's way too invasive for my taste. My goal this week is to bring everyone some high quality beats from some incredible artists without the ads, spam, viruses, and headache.

To start of on the right foot, here is a free download to a seriously good Rap and R&B artist. His name is Chancellor Warhol. He is a Hip Hop Indie sensation who is bringing a new sound to Nashville (The Country Music Capital of the World). Brite Revolution offers two of Chancellor Warhol's tracks as a free download. You can preview Chancellor's flow below by viewing the behind-the-scenes acoustic performance of "Wings". I dig the cooler in this video.

Brite Revolution: Download Chancellor Warhol

Matt Nathanson Download - Redemption Post

I feel like I need to redeem myself today. This redemption post has been on my "thing s to do" list for quite some time now and I feel like today is the day. Let me fill you in on what I'm referring to.

So several months ago back in June, I wrote a post about Matt Nathanson's new album release "Modern Love". I've been a fan of his music for a good long while now and I was pretty excited about hearing new music from him. Leading up to the release date, Matt released a free download of one of the single's off of the new album which I was eager to share with the Music Sourced community. I shared the free download of "Mercy" with my "Matt Nathanson - Modern Love Download" post. The free download only lasted a few days and that post has gone on to be the most frequently viewed post in our sites existence...

Now I'm assuming that people aren't ending up on our site to read me blather on about artists and their awesomeness. Most people have their favorite bands in mind so they hit up a Google search for <Insert Band Name Here>  Free Music and viola you have arrived here. So I have always felt bad that so many people had an interest to get a free download from Matt Nathanson and came away with nothing.

So it's redemption day! Matt Nathanson fans rejoice because I am sharing a free download to an entire live recorded acoustic show (25 tracks!). This download offers 4 tracks that are featured on his newest album and plenty of other classics. Also featured in between songs is Matt's sense of humor which is like a professional ad-lib comedy sketch. They guy is just a funny dude and he jokes about older women, osteoporosis, Justin Bieber, misogyny, ninjas, turn-on's, small type font, and airport terminal announcements (How awesome does that sound already?). My favorite songs on this album are "Suspended" with the crowd participation and also Matt's cover of Simon and Garfunkle's "Boxer".

Enjoy this free download! And if I need to write a redemption post on any other artist please let me know. Otherwise I think I might take a shift and spend the rest of the week sharing free downloads from the rap & R&B genre. So speak now or hold your peace!

If that wasn't enough, heck here's more! Found this a few hours later from the wonderful people that run Download Matt's Daytrotter session HERE.

Download: Matt Nathanson - Live at the Soiled Dove

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Hits - 10/7/2011

Tony Lucca - Dirty Work

I enjoy a good Tony Lucca acoustic ballad. He has a great voice for it. Lucca has just recently released a new album called Under The Influence and I hope to hear some great tunes from it. He released this song as a free download to precede this albums release. This song is a lot more pop than I'm used to hearing out of Tony but it's a solid tune.
Download: Dirty Work
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

So all of a sudden I hear this song everywhere. I get notified by a friend from Texas that "Pumped Up Kicks" is all over the radio there. In the days that followed I heard it on the radio, saw it on TV, saw it performed live by Mat Kearney, and learned to play it myself on guitar. Everyone's pumping up their kicks and there are also a lot of people making remixes and I have three versions for you as a free download.
Download: Pumped Up Kicks
The Rifles - Long Walk Back

I love free music shopping on Amazon. Out of the top 50 songs on the free download charts, this is the one I enjoyed most. Maybe I should listen to more of these guys. Heck, maybe there is some more of their free music out there. I'll have to take a look.
Download: Long Walk Back

Backseat Goodbye - This Summer Love

I can't peg the time and the place, but I know I have come across the music of Backseat Goodbye. Chad Sugg is the solo driving force behind the music of Backseat Goodbye and he also puts out solo music under his own name. This song was released as a sample from his latest EP Oh, How I Waste These Days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The World Cafe Next 20 - NPR

When I think of National Public Radio (NPR) I slowly start to fall asleep thinking about the hours of talk radio I've consumed riding in a vehicle with my dad. Until today, the best thing that NPR has influenced has been the SNL comedy sketch spoofing the monotone delivery or their radio hosts.

But everyday brings new things to your life and if I may ask, has anybody heard of NPR music? I stumbled upon this today as I was filtering through all the retrospectives of the life of Steve Jobs. Apparently NPR's World Cafe radio show has been nationally syndicated for 20 years. The World Cafe Next program specifically focuses on emerging up and coming artists. I really am amazed at how I have missed this. NPR radio has emerged on my radar with a free 20 song download of emerging artists to celebrate their 20 year history. After a quick pass through the music it looks like a really good mix of artists, genres, and music styles. The music is offered up on their site which you can get to with the link below. The downloads are offered individually or as a full download so go an pick out what you like!
As for the life of Steve Jobs, it really is amazing to look back on the guys life and really consider how much he has shaped our day to day life. For me individually, he has played a major role in developing everything that I have based my professional career around with music and technology. Music Sourced has been developed, researched, and consumed world wide on Apple products. And the inspiration for this site hinges almost completely on the digital music landscape Mr. Jobs envisioned and brought to life for us all to enjoy. Thank you Steve.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Damnwells, Harper Blynn, Carley Tanchon - Live from Uncle Slayton's

Carley Tanchon

I got to Louisville as fast and as legal as possible and caught Carley's last three songs. So for not seeing a good range of her music, I can at least say that she rocks a big voice. She seemed very comfortable owning an empty stage with just herself and her acoustic guitar as the first act. She had fun with it, and even took a request. I really enjoyed her song Fearlessly and I didn't hesitate to buy her album to see what else she had to offer. Turns out you can download her entire album "Leave the Light On" for free on her bandcamp site (Link Below). Bonus: There is a really good cover song on the album of "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

Harper Blynn
Well hello Harper Blynn, I've heard a lot about you. After hearing talk about this groups vocal talents and sampling their cover of "Halo", I was excited to see their set. Turns out I was even more impressed with their instrumentals and the way they pieced together each song. If your a fan of a solid jam band, these guys will fit the bill. I kid you not, after each song the guitarists would change their tuning and pedalboard mixing and even the drummer changed around his drum kit specifically for each song. Now I realize if Harper Blynn was on a multi-million dollar tour they would probably have a rack of individually tuned guitars. They didn't have that luxury but they still took extra time in between each song to get it right.

Once they had all the instruments to spec they rocked it. I twitterized a picture from their show labeled the Custodians of Sound. I was impressed with these guys and in my opinion they are much better live than they are on CD (that's a good thing). They announced they are in the works of recording a new album and they played several songs that will be on that future release. I personally enjoyed some of their new songs the most including a song titled "Sucker". Looking forward to their future works.

The Damnwells
Or more appropriately titled "The Damnwell". The rotating Damnwells included the always present Alex Dezen (lead singer) and Harper Blynn as the backing band. This was the first time I had seen Alex Dezen perform his music with the support of a full rock band. It was definitely good to hear some of his songs played on high (I Am A Leaver, No One Listens to the Band Anymore), but you could tell that the guys from Harper Blynn had more practice with some songs over others. I will however, always get more enjoyment out of  the songs where Alex sings solo with his acoustic guitar. The guy has such an epic voice its almost a shame to dilute it with rock amplification. I took the opportunity to record some of his acoustic songs and his performance of the song titled "Soundtrack" turned out really well. You can listen to him play "Soundtrack" live from Uncle Slaytons by using the widget below. If you are interested in free music to download from The Damnwells, check out all of our previous posts.

If anyone has an interest in any of the songs recorded from Uncle Slayton's, please contact me by Email. Really enjoyed the venue. The acoustics were terrific.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mat Kearney - Headliners Music Hall

I would like to start things off by saying that choosing the balcony at Headliners Music Hall (Louisville, KY) is really where it's at. It's 10 degrees cooler up there when you're not mixed in with the shifting crowd below and the stage view is nice as well.

I got the pleasure of seeing Mat Kearney from the balcony at Headliners and for being a loose follower of his music, I really enjoyed his show. After the first four or five songs I considered myself pretty disappointed but things gradually worked up to a nice live music environment. Based on the first half hour of the performance, I probably would have suggested to people to just buy Mat's CD instead of paying extra for the show. It was missing your typical live entertainment value at the beginning for various reasons.

  • There was very little artist to fan interaction.
  • There were no extended instrumental solo's or lead-ups (jam sessions)
  • All songs were performed just as they are heard on CD (good or bad thing for some people)

But as the music played on throughout the evening the live atmosphere continued to grow. The guitar riffs were more dynamic, extended, and unexpected. Mat started sharing more with the crowd in between songs and before you knew it he was in the middle of the crowd of hundreds performing. He even ran up the stairs to the balcony and sang right next to me for a verse (which really delighted the girls standing in my general area). After Mat returned to the stage, he laid down a custom freestyle song dedicated to Louisville and then invited the opening act back to the stage (Leagues) to help him cover "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People. By this time, the crowd was amplified and the band had the entire audience clapping in sequence (no easy feat). To end the show, Kearney played several songs off of his latest album "Young Love" which I think is his best release to date and it garnered a very positive crowd response.

At the start of the show I could have taken or left Kearney's live performance. By the end however, I can confidently say that I was very entertained. So to that I say, touche Mat Kearney. I couldn't dig up any free Mat Kearney music unfortunately, but the good news is that his newest album is only $5 on Amazon! It's a 5 star Amazon rated album so if my math is correct you will end up paying a dollar for each star. Deal!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SerialBox Presents - Paper Route

Continuing on down the path of my SerialBox infatuation, I want to share some love for the guys of Paper Route. I am also going to go ahead and declare this as my video of the week because I think it's fantastic. Check out Paper Route's creative percussion approach to their song titled "Carousel".

The SerialBox Presents group was the first to introduce me to Paper Route by means of this video. After a deeper look in to the groups music, I can clearly define them in my own mind as music experimentalists. You can see in the video the creative approach to sound that they bring to their music and you will find more of the same while exploring the rest of their song catalog. The original electric version of "Carousel" is a full-bodied, high energy song featuring many different instruments.

After reading the groups interview on Serialbox, I discovered that this video wasn't solely conceived for this project. It turns out, this group plays an acoustic set after every one of their shows while the road crew packs up the trailer. I can just imagine once those drums are packed up you will hear plenty of claps and finger snaps. Find out more about the group using the links below.

SerialBox Interview: Paper Route
Download Paper Route: Carousel
Paper Route's Website

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