Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Dose of Lovedrug

Tab_widthHot off the heels from my Pledge Music post comes a Lovedrug review. I mentioned in my last post that Lovedrug was the other band I had pledged towards the making of their next album. I had the opportunity to review all of the free extras they have provided for pledgers and my day has been sidetracked by their sound. I have their songs loaded on my iPhone and while listening to it today I've lost myself in movement several times. I realize its only day one and theres still plenty of time for it to wear on me, but it's my kind of rock.

I'm thinking that the lead vocals is what is drawing me the most at this early stage. At the very least you can state that frontman Michael Shepard has a unique voice. This was most evident by listening to the many cover songs that are available to pledgers for download on Pledge Music after donating. During the first song I listened to, I heard the baseline for "My Girl" and I was getting ready to sing along with the soulful sounding temptations, but I couldn't sing along with the voice I was met with. I knew all the words, but I just sat and listened. Honestly at first it hit me the wrong way and I was thinking no no no, that's all wrong. But halfway through the song I was feeling it.

I guess thats what I get for thinking that I was about to listen to just another rock band. After listening to a few of their own tracks, I have settled on the fact that Lovedrug carries a unique tune. I am looking forward to listening to the full album release.

But for the time being, I have some awesome news for all of the readers. Lovedrug has been kind enough to release 5 free songs to any willing mailing list subscriber. By doing this, you will receive 4 original songs by the band and one funky cover of Elvis's "Blue Christmas". And if you enjoy the free music, take a look into pledging for their next album to receive 11 additional songs and 11 video releases as well as a free download of their next album! The group has reached their goal to produce their album, but 10% of all pledges over their goal goes to charity. See the links below for Pledge Music and free downloads!

Pledge Music: I Am Lovedrug (the making of an album)

Free Lovedrug Songs: 5 Song Download
(or just select the boxes below)


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