Friday, January 21, 2011

Tony Lucca - Free "Solo" Release

I feel like I won the jackpot today when I found out that Tony Lucca released a FREE album on Amazon! I just started listening to Tony Lucca a couple of weeks ago and now I have a free album that I can load onto my IPod for anytime access! His free download release is simply titled "Solo" and it offers up 11 tracks. I assume it is titled "Solo" because it is probably just him singing and playing the songs.

My first listen to Tony Lucca was on a Springsteen cover track where he performed "I'm on Fire". He was singing alongside Sara Bareilles during the song while on her Gravity Tour. I loved his sound and my first thought was "Wow", she is lucky to have this guy in her band for guitar and backup vocals. At the end of the song though she announced his name and shortly thereafter I was streaming Tony Lucca tracks on Grooveshark.

So let me fill you in on what I like about Tony Lucca. For the most part he has an acoustic sound. That's a plus because you can hone in on his lyrics and vocal performance. I also found out that he not only plays the guitar, but he can play the piano rather well also. His piano play and acoustic guitar are both featured heavily on his free album release. But highest of all things that I love about Lucca, is that he can really sing the blues. I think his voice was made for it. As far as I'm concerned, Lucca and Bareilles could team up and form a super group because they have a definitive acoustic chemistry that creates a powerful live performance on stage.

So click below on the link below to get some Lucca in your lives. I personally think everyone could use it. Stamped for approval.

Free Download: Solo


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