Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rhett Miller - Free Concert Download

I am on the road tonight in Lansing Michigan gearing up for Purdue vs. Michigan St basketball, but I had to share some good news. A live concert download is available from the frontman for the Old 97's, Rhett Miller. This 17 song solo set was recorded at "The Fez" and features special guest Ken Bethea. But that's not even the end of it! They are also offering an UNRELEASED 7 song studio recording of the groups side project "Ranchero Brothers" for a limited time.

Grab it quick! This group has been making great music for quite some time and deserves a download. I intend to download this when I return home. I may update this post at a later time after I get to listen. Click the link below to navigate to the Old 97's media page for the download. Enjoy!

Download: Rhett Miller

Boiler Up!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jesse Young: Live Love Learn

Jesse Young is looking to make waves with his newest music release "Live. Love. Learn." The 4 song EP will be available for download from iTunes on next Tuesday March 2nd. While you're waiting though, you can stream the EP in its entirety on his website and a free download of his first single "If You Go" is also available from Alternative Addiction. (See Links Below)

If you haven't heard any of Jesse Young's music yet, the good news is that he drops in a little bit of flavor to fit many types of genre's. In just 4 songs you are going to be met with a lot of different sounds. He molds his music around the guitar but you will also hear a supporting cast of horns, piano, synthesizer, baselines, various percussion instruments and background vocals. For those reasons I have trouble making comparisons and categorizing his sound, but that's not to say you won't enjoy his high energy EP. As far as the lyrical message goes, Live Love Learn is a fitting title for this musical offering as the words describe some of the emotional ups and downs of a relationship. 

Music Sourced is a fan of Jesse's music because he has made it accessible to anyone who wants to listen and he's keeping his fans involved. This album was funded through the use of KickStarter and Jesse has offered his fans a lot of exclusive items for their support. He has also posted acoustic versions of his music, as well as a few artist covers on YouTube. On his site, he goes on to thank his production team for making his music shine, and states that this is his best recorded music yet. Check out what he's got at

Oh and Jesse if you are reading this, I would personally like to know what some of your musical influences are and how that played a role in the sound you've created with Live Love Learn. I can practically copy and paste your list of "favorite music artists" as my own so you've got me wondering.

Best of luck with the album release...

Download "If You Go" at Alternative Addiction

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SPIN Magazines Best of March - 19 Free Songs

Spin magazine offers up 19 free songs from the best of their March issue. The magazines cover artist for this issue is Lykke Li. Every time I read through their magazine I find tons of new artists. They really cover a lot of music in such a small package.

The song list features 19 different artists. This offer lasts until March 31, 2011. Click the link below to navigate to their site for the iTunes download code and enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Experience Part 3: Exciting New Services!

This is the final post of a 3 part series titled "Music Experience". This last post will focus on exciting new music services that have changed my music experience.

To read the first 2 posts of this series, select one of the following:
Music Experience Part 1: Death of the Music Industry
Music Experience Part 2: Music Artists and Social Media

All day today I was excited to make it home and write this post tonight. There is a long list of new music services that have invigorated my sense of sound. To really sum it up, the following list of services are really what puts the juice behind this website and I have the urge to share it with everyone. I want to start with the music service that changed the way I listen to music completely, Grooveshark. I have found no equal to what Grooveshark can provide with on-demand music streaming of any band, any song (full length), at any time. Before I found out about this site I had little interest in discovering music outside of what was fed to me on the radio. If someone suggested a new artist to me I would have little motivation to go to YouTube and wade through all the mash-ups, covers, and re-mix knock offs of the original song I was looking for. Nor did I want to listen to 30 seconds of their music on iTunes or 1 out of 5 songs on Pandora. With Grooveshark I am making my own playlists of music that I can listen to at anytime and then also be able to share that music with others with ease. Never before have I been so interested in discovering new music and it has allowed me to re-discover the sound I like to listen to without commercials, imitations, or delay. The site has gathered quite a following as well from looking at the heat map provided above (in green). It shows that the music streaming site is now utilized just as much as

After using Grooveshark for a short period of time I inevitably found a lot of music from independent artists that I really liked. This led me to search for where I could purchase their music so I could have it with me when I travel. Along the way however I found some fantastic new music services that really provide a unique experience for the fan.

I first stumbled upon Pledge Music after frantically searching for more information on when the next Damnwells album was coming out. In all of about two hours while I was watching the movie "Chaos Theory" (that features many Damnwells songs) I purchased all of the albums that they have put out as well as a documentary about the band. A few days later I discovered that they're next album was going to be produced with the assistance of Pledge Music.

The site gives fans the opportunity to pledge money toward a band so they can create/produce/release a new album. I was eager to pledge money towards The Damnwells new album because I wanted to support the group. After experiencing how the site really works, I was BLOWN away by the service that Pledge Music provides to connect the fans to the artists throughout the making of their record.

To quickly sum it up, by pledging $25 dollars towards their album I will receive an early digital download of their album and a signed CD and T-Shirt. Also since I pledged, I received access to 73 posts from the band that featured 20 images and 8 videos of the production process during the making of their album. Not only that, the band also released 25 previously unreleased tracks and rough-cuts of their new music for pledgers to download! After that initial shock and bewilderment settled, the lead singer Alex Dezen and his wife Angela were flat out awesome enough to provide two live Ustream concerts from their own home to pledgers of their new album. Where else can you get an experience like that?! And at what other time has something like this been available to the fan?! It truly is exciting. The Pledge Music site speaks for itself, and it has raised the bar for the fan experience. Oh and they also give a portion of your donation to charity. You're probably going to think this is a fantasy until you check it out for yourself at You can also read more about my experience from one of my earlier posts here: Pledge Music: Support what you Love.

KickStarter is another site that seems to offer very similar services as Pledge Music. I have not pledged on their site yet, but I have found some of the bands I follow that have used their site to fund their music. My biggest following that is featured on the KickStarter site is Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. They have an excellent new album that has just been released. The band has also recently sent out postcards to all of the supporters of their album. Pretty Awesome. (See them on KickStarter).

There is also a site called that takes a different approach to supporting music artists. It provides a site for artists of all genres to freely distribute their music to anyone willing to listen in return for your email address and zip code. That's right, free downloads for music at no cost. This is of great benefit to the artists because it provides a way to connect with the fans and determine where there fans are at so they can plan their tour stops appropriately. It also allows fans to donate money towards a bands music venture if you feel so inclined (strictly voluntary). Noise Trade introduced Jordan and I to the sweet sounding tunes of Green River Ordinance which has thoroughly piqued my interest in seeing this band live and buying their next album. See our reviews of Green River Ordinance and links to download their music below:
Tune In To Green River Ordinance: Free Album
A Second Opinion of GRO

These are just a few of the services that have changed the way I interact with the music I follow. The best way I can define their contributions to music is to say that it has bettered by ability to listen and share the music I dig. Never again will I only be satisfied with the molded radio sound made for mass appeal. I now have the ability to listen and interact with the sound that gets me moving.

To sum this series up, the major music labels and the big money CD sales are now giving way to artists of all kinds as they distribute their music as needed. Through the use of social media, big label promoters aren't necessary to reach your fan base. Videos, pictures, Tweets, blogs, streams, Likes, and others are being broadcast 24/7 to anyone wanting to find you. And it has given me the ability reach out to something different for a change. The money, the interest, and support are all still there and in a big way. They just don't all show up on the same charts. It will be interesting to see where the money flows during the next few years but it doesn't concern me much. There are many a great band out there thriving through their fan base. And there is a lot more music that needs to be heard. I'll to keep you posted.....

To read the first 2 posts of this series, select one of the following:
Music Experience Part 1: Death of the Music Industry
Music Experience Part 2: Music Artists and Social Media


A Second Opinion on GRO

First and foremost, thanks Jamen for all the hard work you put into this site.  Your insight has allowed others like me to see the music industry from another point of view than I had previously.... but enough patting each other on the back.

After reading Jamen's post on Green River Ordinance (I'll refer to them as GRO from here on out), I decided to download the free album, a relatively simple process and worth the 4 minutes it took to do everything from start to finish.  Upon listening to the album I realized that this band was not one of the "acquired taste" bands that I have ran across before.  GRO however was surprisingly refreshing and offered a very nice sound of a group that obviously knows what they are doing.  My favorite song on the album is the acoustic version of "On Your Own".  I really enjoyed this song because of the great harmonies throughout, reminding me of some of my other favorite bands that harmonize quite a bit (ie. Eagles).

Upon digging a little deeper I found that GRO released an entirely acoustic album titled "The Morning Passengers" in 2010. Although this album wasn't available for a free download it was definitely worth the $5.94 I paid to download it from Amazon.  "The Morning Passengers " offers a very chill acoustic sound for great listening at any time. Something I definitely enjoyed was how the band includes the banjo in a few of their songs.  They incorporate it just enough to the point where they don't sound at all "blue grass" but still great none the less.

I recommend checking  GRO out and reaffirming the stance taken by Music Sourced as a great band with a great sound .  Here is a look at their song "Dancing Shoes". Enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music Experience Part 2: Music Artists and Social Media

This is the second post of a 3 part series titled "Music Experience". This installment will focus on music artists and their use of Social Media.

To read part 1 of this series, navigate to Music Experience Part 1: Death of the Music Industry

So how do bands generate interest and support for their music? That's a great question that I believe can be answered in a variety of ways. But the best definition for that answer and the main thing that I can point my finger to, is social media. Today anybody can video tape their talents and upload it to YouTube for the whole WORLD to see. People can also use amazing online services like Facebook or Twitter to send messages and updates to all continents of the globe. And that is barely scratching the surface. Pretty much any type of Internet service comes packaged with some sort of social media to announce yourself and share with others. A band playing music in this day and age has to be broadcasting on these services or they will never be heard. Not because of their level of talent, but because there is just too much digital media to be consumed that's creating a buzz out there.

If I take a look at my own personal music collection that I have accumulated over just the past couple of years, almost half of the music comes from independent artists that you won't hear on the radio. I was very very surprised by that because I'm thinking to myself "How did this happen?". I live in the great rural state of landlocked Indiana. There are no live venues within comfortable driving distance and no local music influences besides the great John Mellencamp (Before my time). So what opportunities do I have to hear new music and become a fan? Two things: Free music streaming and free music downloads.

Make your music freely accessible. If you give me a Google search bar attached to an Internet connection I can find you 100GB of free music in one hour. If I then log on to Twitter I can quickly determine what is worth listening to out of that mass of music just purely by the buzz of people talking about it. If your music comes in some form of free (Stream or download), and your using social media, and you have some level of talent, people will discover your tunes and pass the word.

Now what is going to make a consumer want to invest their time and money into a band after they discover their music? For me, it's all about the experience, it's all about feeling connected to a band and the music they are making. If I'm digging some new tracks from this artist I've just heard for the first time, I'm going to have the urge to find out more about that artist. I can Google search them, find their bands website, discover that they are in studio making a new album and probably read their blog entries about the music production process. Or I can find out that a band is on tour in some foreign country and there is no way I will be able to catch a show but as a consolation I was able to find pictures taken from the concert on their band site and they also posted a live video clip from the concert on YouTube! (See below for one of my favorites)

Now that's connecting with your fans! I am a big fan of Ben Folds and I could have easily attended that concert, but I did not. Ben Folds reaches all of his fans worldwide with his own YouTube channel called BenFoldsTV.

So now I want to conclude this second installment with a question. What do the services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Amazon all have in common besides the fact that they are excellent services to reach music fans? Answer: They have all been around for a while! It is great that music artists are using these services to their full potential to reach fans, but what is coming next? Read about some exciting new Internet services that are changing the music industry on my next post. Music Experience Part 3: Exciting New Services

To read part 1 of this series, navigate to Music Experience Part 1: Death of the Music Industry

Friday, February 18, 2011

Music Experience Part 1: Death of the Music Industry?

This is going to be a 3 part series titled "Music Experience". During this short series I will cover the following topics:

  • Part 1: The decline of physical media music sales
  • Part 2: Observation of how music artists connect with fans through social media
  • Part 3: Enhancing the music experience with new "fan supported" services

Death of the Music Industry?
In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about the music industry and where the current trends are heading. A large part of that conversation has been directed towards what kind of physical media will the music be distributed on. A lot of marketing and development goes into trying to stay current and relevant with the most attractive means to provide music for the consumers. Check out the graphic below that Business Insider titled "The Death of the Music Industry" that details the billions of dollars in sales that were generated from consumer purchases of physical media and digital downloads.

You can see that a lot of money is represented from the years 1973-2009. You can also notice that the money generated from music sales have drastically increased during nearly the entire span of this chart all the way up until the year 2005. This makes a lot of sense because there is more music, more artists, more consumers, media is more expensive, and eventually the INTERNET arrived. However after 2005, music sales have declined to a level that appears to be equal to the early 90's when CD's and tapes dominated the market (around a combined $8 billion dollars according to the chart). So what's going on here? Is music falling dead upon the ears of the younger generations? Are people just illegally downloading billions of dollars worth of music every year? How can this be rationally explained?

The big picture here for most people is that physical media sales are declining. We have all known this for a while but in the terms of legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, what is "The rest of the story"? The biggest explanation for me is the arrival of media-on-demand with the use of the Internet. Think about it, what do you do if you want to listen to a newly released CD or maybe the hottest new single that all your friends are talking about? Do you drive to the nearest music store and preview it? No. Do you turn on the radio and just wait for it to be played? Absolutely not. You instantly stream it from your Internet service of choice! YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, iTunes, Amazon to name a few. Internet music services have laid out a huge punch to the face of CD sales which is where the bulk of the money is made in the music industry as shown above.

And this not only holds true for music, but all types of entertainment media like movies and TV. We are well into the age of streaming movies and TV shows to all types of devices (Computers, TV's, Cell Phones, Tablets) from providers like Netflix and Hulu. People are even starting to cut the cords from cable providers and only using Internet streaming services to view their favorite content. The same holds true for the music industry as people are passing on physical CD's and now even digital downloads for instant streaming services. The biggest problem that this creates is how do bands generate interest in their entire body of work if people are just using iTunes to purchase a bands newest single? Before it was easy, if you liked a song from a band, you purchased their entire album. Those days are now long gone and unless your band is a supreme pop-hit sensation, you can't survive on this platform alone.

So how are these bands generating interest and support for their music and where is all the money going? Read part two of this series for more: Music Experience Part 2: Music Artists and Social Media

Updated: February 21, 2011
A quick update here regarding the chart that was originally provided in this post from Business Insider. Some additional analysis has been performed by Michael DeGusta to attain a more accurate view of recorded music revenue while considering population changes and inflation. The chart is shown below but the results are the same. The chart shows that music revenue is down 64% from its peak. Also, click the picture below to see the full article which provides many more charts that and views of music sales over time.

Business Insider: Death of the Music Industry
Business Insider: The REAL Death of the Music Industry

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - Free Live Recordings!

I had to pull out the stops for a double dose of blog posts tonight, but this deserves immediate attention. I just found a free download for 5 songs from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors! Their band is pretty much the best thing going for me right now music wise. I just received their new album release "Chasing Someday" in the mail and I have been wearing the CD out today. I plan on posting more about the "Chasing Someday" package I received from Dualtone Records at a later date.

If you don't follow Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, they deserve a listen. The song set that is available for free download was recorded live at the Lightning 100, an independent radio station out of Nashville. Drew and Ellie's vocals are very complementary to each other and the band sounds great live. They are currently on tour right now with another talented artist (Marc Broussard) and I hope to catch one of their tour stops. I previously did not have any of their live music for the iPod so I would like to thank the band for their generosity and thank Noise Trade for their great service. has been providing some absolutely outstanding music downloads for me this week...

Click on the widget below to preview the music tracks. Enter in your email address and zip code and then click "Next' to have a download link sent to your email address. Enjoy! This music will only be available for a limited time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Hits - February 16, 2011

I have a lot of great stuff for you with this first installment of "Quick Hits". I've listed 5 free singles available for download from some very recognizable names. Be sure to get these while you can because you can never know how long they will be available as a free download.

The Script

This band has received a lot of radio play this past year and have been featured on several popular TV shows. This single comes off of their album "Science & Faith".
Download "Dead Man Walking"

The Civil Wars

Thrilled to find this single as a free download. Simply because this is my favorite track off of their debut album "Barton Hollow". This group represents the Nashville music scene well as one of many great bands and artists coming out of that area. They have also been doing very well on the iTunes charts. Listen to the live version of "Poison & Wine" above. It's excellent.
Download "Poison & Wine"


I literally know nothing about this band and or solo artist? Anywho, I was scrolling through the free Amazon singles and listened to this one and it stuck out with a nice unique sound. Preview the track to see what you think and if you know any more details about the artist(s) behind the song, leave a comment.
Download "Marathon" 

Arcade Fire

The band that was awarded this years Band of The Year at the Grammy's has some free acoustic tracks available as well. They did a live jam session at KROQ radio and a couple of their songs are available for free download. Get yourself a copy of these tracks from a great new band. Right click on the link below and select "Save Target as..." to download.
Arcade Fire – Month Of May (KROQ Session)
Arcade Fire – Ready To Start (KROQ Session)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tune In To Green River Ordinance - Free Album

If you haven't had the opportunity to hear this bands music yet, it will find you. I've just recently been introduced to Green River Ordinance after scanning through free music on Noise Trade. After listening through a few of their songs I was incredibly surprised at how polished this band sounds. I was even more shocked to find out that this group has been making music for a decade and I was the one that was behind the curve.

Their music not only has a very polished sound, but it also just oozes mass appeal. So I was not surprised at all to discover that this band has already had 2 top 40 hits and have also been featured on over 20 TV shows! Where have I been? This band has an incredible produced sound that flat out gets you moving. I use the term "Produced" in a good way because each song starts out slow and simple and then it slowly builds up to a massive chorus that you can't forget. The sound stays with you, and it feels like each song is tailor made to sing along to. It's feel good music meant for a summer ride with the windows down (We're almost there!). This band will soon have one song that makes a slow-grind to the top of the charts and then everyone will know who they are. Or maybe everyone already does and I'm still the one behind on this one.....

If you haven't introduced yourselves to their music yet, the good news is that their album is currently offered as a free download on Noise Trade. So don't miss out on it. They are also working on their next album which you can pledge money towards and receive some unique custom fan merchandise in return (Signed albums, personalized greetings, meeting the band, ect.). Visit their Kickstarter page to take part!

You can listen to the free album by clicking on the widget below. To download all of the music for free, simply type in your email address and postal code and select "Next". You will get an email with a link to download the album that comes in a .ZIP file. Enjoy this, its worth it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music Sourced - Quick Hits

I'm going to start a new section of the site called "Quick Hits". Up to this point we have released a lot of full album downloads but there are certainly a lot of single downloads released on a daily basis by many a great band. The main difference between the full-album downloads and the single releases is that the singles are usually only release for a limited time.

So I've decided to call it "Quick Hits" because it will be a list of good songs for a limited time only. Check back often and I'll do my best to fill your IPod up with some solid playlists.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SXSW 2011 - 140 Free MP3 Downloads

That's no lie. You can download 140 MP3's for free by the music artists that will be featured at this years SXSW music festival. This is a great way to preview the lineup if you have your passes for this years festival or if you are thinking about going. The download comes in three parts and the songs can be found below.

The SXSW festival is held every spring in Austin Texas and features around 2,000 artists at 90+ music venues in the city. It is one of the largest music festivals in the United States and it usually serves as a significant launching pad for many artists towards nationwide exposure. This years music festival runs from March 11 - March 20. SXSW also features a film festival and a handful of tech conferences as well. You can find more information about SXSW from their website:

Download free MP3s from over 140 of this year's SXSW musical performers below.(Right-click + 'Save As' to Download)
Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 1 (Download):
American Music Club - 'All The Lost Souls Welcome You to San Fransisco'
An Horse - 'Postcards'
Ancient Astronauts feat. Raashan Ahmad 'Risin' High'
Apache Beat - 'Another Day'
April Smith and the Great Picture Show - 'Colors'
Arms - 'Emily Sue Pt. 2' (BRAHMS Remix)
Army Navy - 'My Thin Sides'
Asobi Seksu - 'Trails'
Bad Veins - 'Gold and Warm'
Bahamas - 'Sunshine Blues'
Barcelona - 'It's About Time'
Beach Fossils - 'Youth'
Bear Hands - 'What a Drag'
Beni - 'Maximus' (Harvard Bass Remix)
Bikini - 'American Mourning'
Birds of Avalon - 'Invasion'
Black Lips - 'Short Fuse'
Bonjay - 'Stumble'
Brandt Brauer Frick - 'Berlin'
Brett Dennen feat. Femi Kuti - 'Make You Crazy'
Buck 65 - 'Shutter Buggin'
Cadence Weapon - 'House Music'
Caitlin Rose - 'Sinful Wishing Well'
California Wives - 'Purple'
Callers - 'You Are an Arc'
Chapoo - 'Sweet Sigh'
Charles Bradley - 'Now That I'm Gone'
Chromeo - 'Tenderoni'
Cloud Nothings - 'Understand At All'
Cold War Kids - 'Hang Me Up To Dry'
Colour Revolt - 'Naked and Red'
Cruel Black Dove - 'Isolation'
Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 'Vocal Chords'
Damien Jurado - 'Cloudy Shoes'
Datarock - 'True Stories'
Deer Tick - 'Christmas All Summer Long'
Eksi Ekso - 'Killing Texas'
Eli "Paperboy" Reed and The True Loves - 'Am I Waisting My Time'
Elizabeth and The Catapult - 'Taller Children'
Eternal Summers - 'Pogo'
Fake Problems - 'Soulless'
Fitz and The Tantrums - 'Brakin' the Chains of Love'
Flosstradamus feat. Caroline Polacheck - 'Big Bills' (Flosstradamus Powe House Remix)
Franz Nicolay - 'This Is Not a Pipe'
Fredrik - 'Dance of the Peacock Phantom'
Friendly Fires - 'Jump in the Pool'
Gold Panda - 'Snow and Taxis'
Har Mar Superstar - 'Tall Boy'

SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 2 (Download):
Holiday Shores - 'Phones Don't Feud'
Home Video - 'I Can Make You Feel It'
Hooray for Earth - 'Surrounded by Your Friends'
Houses - 'Soak It Up'
Hurray for the Riff Raff - 'Bricks'
Indian Jewelry - 'Oceans'
Innerpartysystem - 'Don't Stop'
Ivan & Alyosha - 'Glorify'
James Vincent McMorrow - 'If I Had a Boat'
Jeff the Brotherhood - 'Bone Jam'
Jeremy Messersmith - 'Organ Donor'
Joan of Arc - 'Explain Yourself #2'
John Grant - 'Marz'
John Vanderslice - 'Sea Salt'
Josh Ritter - 'To the Dogs or Whoever'
Jukebox the Ghost - 'Empire'
Kevin Devine - 'She Stayed as Steam'
Kid Infinity - 'P.Y.C.O.'
K's Choice - 'Echo Mountain'
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - 'In Steps'
Liam Finn feat. Eliza Jane - 'Plane Crash'
Light Pollution - 'Oh - Ivory!'
Living Things - 'Let It Rain'
Locksley - 'All Over Again'
Lord Huron - 'Mighty'
Maritime - 'Paraphernalia'
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea - 'Pretty Purple Top Hat'
Mexican Institute of Sound - 'Alocatel' (Ad Rock Remix)
Mexicans With Guns feat. Chico Mann - 'Me Gusto'
Miniature Tigers - 'Cannibal Queen'
Monareta - 'Llama'
Moneybrother - 'Born Under a Bad Sign'
MSTRKRFT feat. Nore - 'Bounce' (Felix Cartal Remix)
Netherfriends - 'Tac Tac'
Nicole Atkins - 'Vultures'
Nite Jewel - 'Am I Real?'
Obits - 'Two-Headed Coin'
OFF! - 'Upsidedown'
Oh Land - 'Sun of a Gun'
Oh No Oh My - 'Brains'
Olof Arnalds - 'Klara'
O'Spada - 'Time'
Paleo - 'World's Smallest Violin'
Papercranes - 'Synapses'
Pete and the Pirates - 'Selena'
Poirier - 'Marathon'

SXSW 2011 Free MP3s Part 3 (Download):
Portugal. The Man - 'People Say'
P.O.S. - 'Never Better'
Professor Green - 'Ballers is Bouncin (London)'
Pujol - 'Too Safe'
Rah Rah - 'Salty Cities'
Revolver - 'Get Around Town'
Royal Bangs - 'My Car is Haunted'
Say Hi - 'Devils'
Screaming Females - 'Wild'
Secret Cities - 'Pink City'
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - 'Venus Shaver'
Smoosh - 'This Modern Love (Bloc Party Cover)'
Social Studies - 'Weathered White'
Solid Gold - 'Get Over It'
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - 'Sink/Let It Sway'
Sounds Under Radio - 'Portrait of a Summer Thief'
Sugar & Gold - 'Aya' (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)
Surf City - 'Crazy Rulers of the World'
Surfer Blood - 'Swim'
Suuns - 'Arena'
Takka Takka - 'Everybody Say'
The Antlers - 'Two'
The Black Angels - 'Telephone'
The Black Heart Procession - 'Rats'
The Dears - 'Blood'
The Dodos - 'Fools'
The Glass - 'Four Four Letter'
The Good Natured - 'Prisoner'
The Hours - 'See The Light'
The Joy Formidable - 'Whirring'
The Moon Doggies - 'What Took So Long'
The Mother Hips - 'White Falcon Fuzz'
The Raveonettes - 'Come On Santa'
The Rural Alberta Advantage - 'Don't Haunt This Place'
The Spinto Band - 'Pumpkins and Paisley'
The Stationary Set - 'Brick and Mortar'
The Sumbarines - 'Waiting for a War (The Morning Benders)'
The Whip - 'Trash'
Toro y Moi - 'Blessa'
Tulsa - 'Rafter'
Tulsa - 'Shaker'
Ty Segall - 'Caeser'
U.S. Royalty - 'Equestrian'
Uh Huh Her - 'Say So'
Vetiver - 'Everyday'
Wye Oak - 'I Don't Feel Young'
Yellowbirds - 'The Rest of My Life'
Young Man - 'Up So Fast'
Your Youth - 'Diamond'
Zowie - 'Broken Machine' (RAC Remix)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Makes the Movie - Discover a New Sound (Part 2)

Hello Again. This post is an attenuation of the first post made on February 1st dubbed "Part 1". I will be continuing my list of new music artists I've discovered during some great movie scenes over the past couple of years. If you haven't had the opportunity to read "Part 1", you may want to start there by following the link below.

Music Makes the Movie - Discover a New Sound (Part 1)

Bride Wars - 1hr 13min

As far as the movie itself goes, I could take it or leave it. It is a true-blue "chick flick" lacking any sort of intrigue for the guys. The premise of the movie is all about two engaged best friends preparing for their weddings. During the whole preparation phase, the planning starts to get competitive and then destructive as the two "brides to be" start sabotaging each other weddings. The main fight stems from the location of their weddings as they both choose to get married at the same place on the same day. The shining moment in this movie for me though is right before the girls walk down the aisle and Priscilla Ahn's "Dream" starts playing. I had never heard of this artist before but she has a fantastic voice. "Dream" sounds like a lullaby with simple mid-range vocals accompanied with a soft picking acoustic guitar. It's a very pleasing sound and I really enjoyed the lyrics of this song as well.

Chaos Theory - 37min

The movie Chaos Theory was not considered a box office hit. I had never even heard of it myself until it came out on DVD. But you can just throw out those first two statements because it is a very creative movie with a unique storyline. I have watched the movie 5 or 6 times in the past year and I recommend it to all my friends who enjoy a good movie. It tells a story about a man that lives a very calculated life. A man that lays out his daily tasks on note cards and allots the appropriate amount of time for each task to stay organized. The main character (Ryan Reynolds) had succeeded in living his life as precisely as possible until a string of events occurred that were largely out of his control. During this string of misfortunes, he finds out that his life and his family were nothing like it seemed and nothing like he had planned. The main character then resolves to living life on a whim by  making uncharacteristic and spontaneous choices while in the moment. After struggling to figure out the purpose of it all, the main character figures out what life's truly about and what makes a life worth living.

There are a lot of highs and lows in this movie, and those peaks and valleys are accented so wonderfully with the music of Alex Dezen and The Damnwells. This movie really re-introduced me to their music. From opening scenes, to the rolling credits, their music flows with the storyline so well. If you really want to see the impact that music brings to the silver screen, this movie is the best example I can give you (instrumental scores aside). The song that sticks out the most for me comes around the 37 minute mark where the main characters life as he knows it comes crashing down in a moment of disbelief and sorrow. The transition from excitement to sadness is met perfectly with the song "Graceless" by The Damnwells as Ryan Reynolds sits in disbelief in the doctors office.

"I give my heart and soul to the ageless, I give my blood and bones to the faceless, burning bright and cold with the nameless, I give my life and love to your graceless...."

Wedding Crashers - 1hr 22min

From a little known movie, to a smash hit comedy, my next song comes from the hilarious "Wedding Crashers". This movie is so well known that I will refrain from getting into the details. The reason why I am including this song in my list is because at some point my rock history education has failed me. Somebody somewhere along the line forgot to fill me in on Mungo Jerry. I had never heard of this guy! Now admittedly, I still know nothing about him, but I do know he has a greatest hits album so he had to have some kind of influence on the 70's. Even though I'm ill informed on this guy, I still like the addition of his song "In The Summertime" to this movie. Staying true to its title, it does have a very summertime feel to it. And that bike riding scene made me feel like I wanted to get my old rusty bike out and ride it down to the beach.

Rule #76. No Excuses! Play like a champion!

Once - 15min

This is another small-time low budget film, but its reputation and performance speaks for itself. The Chicago Tribune writes "Once may be the best music film of our generation." It has also won several awards at movie festivals, including Sundance. This movie really stands out because I can't really compare it to any other movie I've seen. First of all, you never even learn the main characters names in this movie, which is unfathomable. I didn't even realize this fact the first time I watched it. Secondly, the main characters (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) are actual real life music artists and not actors. And the best part of it all, they actually write and record music for albums that you can purchase (not just the soundtrack for the movie itself). Forget the characters names and the fact that their not real life actors because this movie is truly about the music. The male character is a vacuum repair man and sings the streets with his acoustic guitar in his free time. The girl is a classically trained pianist and sells roses on the street during the day. The two meet up and share their passion for music with each other and the end result is really inspiring. Glen's character shares his heart-broken songs that he has written with Marketa and the duo eventually work together to create their own music. She eventually inspires and encourages him toward recording his songs. By the end, we never find out what happens to the recorded tracks and the two characters budding relationship. The ending is definitely a hopeful one though as you see the main character transition from a lovesick romantic lacking confidence, to someone who regains his creative inspiration and passion for life. This movie just leaves you thinking about how many talented music artists there are out there, and most of them won't play for more than just a handful of people.

The song that sets this movie apart is called "Falling Slowly". It is introduced near the beginning of the movie right after the two main characters first meet. She takes him to the music shop where the store owner lets her play his piano for an hour each day. The two sit down and play one of Hansard's songs. He introduces her to the verses and the chorus and she pokes away at the piano as shes learning the song from watching him play an acoustic guitar. Eventually the result is something amazing. I have sat down numerous times just to watch that part at the beginning of the movie and ended up watching the whole movie in its entirety. The song itself went on to win an Academy Award for "Best Original Song".

"Take this sinking boat and point it home..."


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amazon is Spreading the Love

Hey Everyone! Amazon has taken the liberty of making a Valentines Day playlist for your girlfriend! What's even better, is that all the songs can be downloaded for free! So click on the link below, get out your blank CD's, and burn a copy for the big day. This will just leave the flowers, chocolates, Hallmark card, and dinner plans left on your To-Do list.

The track listing is shown below. Some fairly big names here, and definitely some good tunes that will fit most music tastes.

1. Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You
2. Fruit Bats - When U Love Somebody
3. Matt White - Valentine's Day
4. Secondhand Serenade - You and I
5. Fitz & The Tantrums - L.O.V.
6. Ginuwine - One Time For Love
7. Cherryholmes - It's Your Love
8. Anna Wilson - You Don't Know Me
9. Brian Courtney Wilson - Believe
10. Daphne Willis - I Will Be Waiting
11. Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
12. Civil Twilight - Next To Me
13. Drive-By Truckers - Everybody Needs Love
14. Kelley Stoltz - Love Let Me In Again

Amazon - Free Valentines Day Playlist

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Music Makes the Movie - Discover a New Sound (Part 1)

One of my favorite things to do during one of my pre-determined lazy evenings, is to fade back in to my couch and watch a movie. I'm a fan of all genre's of movies young or old just as I am with music. One of the best parts about a movie is the music. A good song or instrumental sound can catapult a movies storyline forward, or slow it down to a grinding silence. For me, the music in the movie really allows me to feel the emotion of a scene full of characters I have no physical connection or relation too.

Lets face it, the split-second scenes that make you jump out of your seat won't make you jump near as far if there is no musical buildup. I think of the movie Jaws for example. You would never know when that shark attack was coming and without hearing "duh-du, duh-du, DUH-DU, DUH-DU" you might just miss the whole thing! And how touching are those tears without an orchestra sweeping you down into the depths of sorrow after losing a loved one. It's these moments that make music so important to a movies story. And at this point, if you are still wanting to disagree with me, think about what silent movies were like. ALL YOU HAD WAS THE MUSIC!

So in this post, I want to share with you some great songs that played a major role in some of the movies I've seen recently. Not only that, all of the songs I am going to share are songs from artists that I had never heard of before watching the movie! That's another great thing about movies, you get introduced to some great music artists! Take a gander at my song list below from some good movies from the past few years. These songs provided a huge contribution to the movies storyline.

Elizabethtown - 48min

Elizabethtown starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst starts off as a very slow and depressing movie. The first half hour centers around both failure and death, which is not a very good combination. Once you are half way through the first hour you find yourself thinking why is this movie so confusingly awkward and sad and what's the purpose and direction for the main character? But then, a budding relationship starts progressing after an uncomfortable encounter with a flight attendant and your attention starts to awaken. The main character calls the flight attendant desperately looking for someone to talk to that is not connected to his uncontrollably depressing life. And then, the phone call ignites into an engaging "emotion-altering" conversation that creates a complete shift in the movie. Hope and happiness is restored as the two characters talk for hours into the night and proceed until daylight while talking about life and its many experiences and observations. Half-way through this scene as you begin to notice that a definite connection is made, the song "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams fades in. As the song hits the chorus, the dialogue from the movie is muted and you are just listening to the song as they continue their conversation while observing the positive body language. The song restores a positive hope for the audience as the scene plays out.

Charlie St. Cloud - 54 min

Say all you want about child star Zac Efron, but I think he has undoubtedly turned into a really good actor. One of his recent starring roles comes from the lesser known movie "Charlie St. Cloud". This movie follows a familiar plot of a guy that seemingly has it all, but one tragic incident later keeps him from pursuing his dreams and ultimately giving up one of his life's passions. After this incident, the audience is left wondering when this passion will be renewed and what will eventually be the spark it? If you guessed "A Female Love Interest", then you are absolutely right. Charlie St. Cloud meets a girl that reinvigorates his passion for life and restores his self-confidence and self-worth. The relationship takes a full turn after their first date is cut short and Charlie ends up running after her. The next scene shows the two engaging in a round of hide-n-seek in a cemetery as the characters let go of their inhibitions and worries and the Pink Mountaintops play in the background. It may sound odd reading on paper, but trust me it fits.

500 Days of Summer - 1hr 29min

And (Part 1) of my movie list comes to a close with Mumm-Ra's "She's Got You High". Why you ask? Because this song plays as the credits begin to roll at the end of the movie "500 Days of Summer". And your next question may be, how could a song that rolls during the credits help to provide any emotion or feeling to the movie itself? And I would say "Because!" this is one of those movies that ends in such an unexpected fashion that it just leaves you in stunned silence as the credits begin, but in a good way. The movie builds you up for a natural happy ending that never happens. But during the last 10 seconds, something happens that changes your outlook of the entire movie and leaves you happy and smiling. And then "Viola!", Mumm-Ra plays and it just leaves you feeling good. So much so, you actually want to sit there and watch the credits as you listen to the song and deconstruct the entire movie over again in your head.

Check out these three songs by listening to the song widgets above.

Also, read part two of "Music Makes the Movie" by clicking the following link:
Music Makes the Movie - Discover a New Sound (Part 2)

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