Monday, February 21, 2011

A Second Opinion on GRO

First and foremost, thanks Jamen for all the hard work you put into this site.  Your insight has allowed others like me to see the music industry from another point of view than I had previously.... but enough patting each other on the back.

After reading Jamen's post on Green River Ordinance (I'll refer to them as GRO from here on out), I decided to download the free album, a relatively simple process and worth the 4 minutes it took to do everything from start to finish.  Upon listening to the album I realized that this band was not one of the "acquired taste" bands that I have ran across before.  GRO however was surprisingly refreshing and offered a very nice sound of a group that obviously knows what they are doing.  My favorite song on the album is the acoustic version of "On Your Own".  I really enjoyed this song because of the great harmonies throughout, reminding me of some of my other favorite bands that harmonize quite a bit (ie. Eagles).

Upon digging a little deeper I found that GRO released an entirely acoustic album titled "The Morning Passengers" in 2010. Although this album wasn't available for a free download it was definitely worth the $5.94 I paid to download it from Amazon.  "The Morning Passengers " offers a very chill acoustic sound for great listening at any time. Something I definitely enjoyed was how the band includes the banjo in a few of their songs.  They incorporate it just enough to the point where they don't sound at all "blue grass" but still great none the less.

I recommend checking  GRO out and reaffirming the stance taken by Music Sourced as a great band with a great sound .  Here is a look at their song "Dancing Shoes". Enjoy!


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