Monday, February 14, 2011

Tune In To Green River Ordinance - Free Album

If you haven't had the opportunity to hear this bands music yet, it will find you. I've just recently been introduced to Green River Ordinance after scanning through free music on Noise Trade. After listening through a few of their songs I was incredibly surprised at how polished this band sounds. I was even more shocked to find out that this group has been making music for a decade and I was the one that was behind the curve.

Their music not only has a very polished sound, but it also just oozes mass appeal. So I was not surprised at all to discover that this band has already had 2 top 40 hits and have also been featured on over 20 TV shows! Where have I been? This band has an incredible produced sound that flat out gets you moving. I use the term "Produced" in a good way because each song starts out slow and simple and then it slowly builds up to a massive chorus that you can't forget. The sound stays with you, and it feels like each song is tailor made to sing along to. It's feel good music meant for a summer ride with the windows down (We're almost there!). This band will soon have one song that makes a slow-grind to the top of the charts and then everyone will know who they are. Or maybe everyone already does and I'm still the one behind on this one.....

If you haven't introduced yourselves to their music yet, the good news is that their album is currently offered as a free download on Noise Trade. So don't miss out on it. They are also working on their next album which you can pledge money towards and receive some unique custom fan merchandise in return (Signed albums, personalized greetings, meeting the band, ect.). Visit their Kickstarter page to take part!

You can listen to the free album by clicking on the widget below. To download all of the music for free, simply type in your email address and postal code and select "Next". You will get an email with a link to download the album that comes in a .ZIP file. Enjoy this, its worth it.


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