Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Ramirez - Strangetown

I have another free Noisetrade offering to share with everyone. I found David Ramirez's Strangetown EP floating near the top of the charts on the site and really enjoyed what I heard. I commonly grab on to music that features a solo artist who can stand out on their own without the support of a band. With just the use of his voice and his guitar play, Ramirez delivers a complete sound with fantastic rhythm and lyrics. Paste Magazine labels him as "The best damn songwriter you don't know yet". And I couldn't agree with them more. His smooth vocal delivery grabs you and the lyrics just leave you thinking throughout the song and there after. Here is a line from "Shoeboxes", the second song on the EP.

"I suppose you'll be in every song I sing. If not written in my words, you'll be hidden in these strings."

The lyrics of a song are commonly inspired by someone you know. But I have never focused on how you also play that song according to how that person has affected you. It's a different approach to the way you both listen and play the music. Great stuff, and that was only one line!

There are many more lyrics that you will hold on to as your listening to the 5 tracks of Strangetown. From an upbeat and in your face track, to the slow down-low songs that follow. You will enjoy the music of David Ramirez. Stream the music as well as download his EP by using the widget below. To learn more about David Ramirez, visit his site at


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