Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors - Live at Exit / In

I would like to kick off this post by pointing out that this is the 6th Music Sourced entry that has featured "Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors" within the past two months. If anything, that stat alone should tell you how much we enjoy this band and how much buzz has been surrounding this group since their newest album release called "Chasing Someday".

This latest Drew Holcomb entry is coming hot off the heels of their show they put on at the Exit / In this past Saturday in Nashville. The Music Sourced team was present to take in the performance that featured DH and the Neighbors as well as the opening act Mockingbird Sun. The guys from Mockingbird Sun really got things started off right by playing some of their great new tunes. It was a really enjoyable set, and they seemed to be having fun as well by joking around with the crowd and making sure they took a picture by way of cell phone to capture the moment for themselves. To see more about their set, check out Jordan's latest post: Mockingbird Sun Review

By the time the main event rolled around, all fans and members of the opening acts were in the crowd waiting for Drew Holcomb's crew to hit the stage. The show got kicked off with a bang as they opened things up with a little "Fire and Dynamite". Drew and the Neighbors seemed to have the crowd captivated throughout the evening as even Drew commented on how attentive the crowd was. The band seemed to play nearly every song off of their new album "Chasing Someday" during their set as well as a few of the older fan favorites. I guess in all honesty the performance was as you would expect for a local band performing in front of a lot of their friends and family. I don't think I have ever witnessed so many people passing through the crowd and randomly catching a glimpse of some friends of theirs and started "hugging it out" (girls) or throwing out the "hey what's up man" greeting (guys). Just a great show that was enjoyed by both the fans in attendance and the band itself.

I am not a Nashville native myself and haven't been a Drew and the Neighbors fan for all that long, but the night provided some pretty memorable moments for me as well. First of all it was really neat to see a concert at the Exit / In. It seems like it has been such a great part of Nashville's music culture. It was also really nice to see the chemistry between the husband and wife lead singing duo of Drew and Ellie Holcomb. You always hear about how difficult it is for artists to continue to pursue their music while leaving their families and loved ones behind. But that's not the case here and it shows that Drew and Ellie have a real passion for their music and band, as well as a strong passion and bond between each other. They were just flat out having the time of their lives up there on stage. The two of them really stole the show when they unplugged their instruments and stepped away from the mic's to sing a song together completely acoustic. I have never seen that done before in front of that many people but it was nice to drop the chords and focus on their vocals as it carried throughout the venue. Another first for me was when Drew announced that "This is our last song but it's not really our last song because everyone knows we're coming back out here". I had to laugh as they tossed away the formality of the encore by announcing that their return to the stage would be a definite. As a matter of fact, I think they were off of the stage for no more than 30 seconds hah.

The group brought the show to its final end with a great song called "Live Forever". And after hearing what people were saying about the show throughout the evening, I'm sure some part of that show will stick with the attendees for quite some time. Thanks to all the performers for coming together and putting their talents on display. It was a fun evening. Good luck to you guys on the rest of your tour.

What about the rest of the attendees at the concert that night? What are your thoughts or favorite moments of the show? Leave a comment below!


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