Tuesday, March 1, 2011

G. Love's: Fixin' To Die

Having first discovered G. Love's The Hustle  as a spry 17 year old high school sophomore, it's safe to say I was pleased to see he came out with his latest release Fixin' To Die.  The title track has that old school distinctive dirty G. Love sound, which is a good thing.  I found my self tapping my foot and really getting into the rhythm of the song.

As I continued to listen to the album I continued tapping my foot as he changes tempo from an upbeat Get Goin  to the slower paced  Just Fine.  Throughout the album he keeps the Blues/Soul sound going with his funky harmonica solos.  Overall I enjoyed a fresh sound of an old favorite of mine and would recommend it to long time fans as well as those who have yet to discover G. Love.

In light to the fact that this blog tries to focus on the ability to find free music for one and all, I felt it necessary to include that by signing up for G. Love's mailing list you can get loads of free stuff. Multiple live recordings as well as access to video blogs are available free of charge at  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

After reading this post by Jordan, I went to the site linked above and signed up for G.Love's mailing list. After that I had access to 50 FREE live recorded songs. Great deal if you are a G. Love fan.


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