Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Songs Inspiring Great Videos

There is nothing better than a great song. Except for a great music video for a great song! I don't go out of my way to keep up with all the music videos that are released for all of the songs I like, but I inevitably find some good ones in random places online. I wanted to share a few of them that I find myself watching over and over. I love to see the creativity and I enjoy making my own videos. Check out the four videos below that are creatively entertaining.

Green River Ordinance - Dancing Shoes
A nice compilation of clips from GRO's summer tour. This song is just darn catchy as well. The big thing that drew me into this video was I was in awe of one of the venue's shown in the video. If you notice, one of their concert stops is at a venue that looks like it was carved out of a canyon. I did some digging and found out that they were at Red Rocks Park in Colorado and now I am determined to see a show there.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - Hourglass
This video is sort of a behind the scenes look at the recording for this video and the work that went into creating their "Chasing Sunday" album. This album was just recently released in February and it boasts an excellent compilation of tracks. Would love to see this group live.

Andrew Ripp - Forever After Love
This video introduced me to Andrew Ripp but in an odd sort of way. Usually the first time I listen to a new artist I really focus in on the music. However, I watched this whole entire video while paying very little attention to the song. Find out why by watching below, very cool video. The best part of this song is that is available for a free download for a limited time on NoiseTrade. Download this song and others from Andrew here: Forever After Love

Sara Bareilles - Uncharted
This is an obvious pick because I am a big fan of Sara's music. Uncharted is her latest music video release from her new album. This is the directors cut of the video that features Ben Folds at the beginning trying to explain what "Uncharted" means. If you know anything about Ben Folds you know it's funny. But Sara's video not only features Ben, but several other well known artists singing to her video. It is a really cool idea and I think it's pretty awesome to see artists supporting other artists and showing love for their music. Watch the video to see if you can recognize all of the faces! If the video doesn't load, click here to view: Sara Bareilles - Uncharted


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