Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Making Noise on 3/24/2011

I've got a craving to start a new kind of feature on Music Sourced called "What's Making Noise". The reason being is that I find myself sitting at work all day using NoiseTrade as my musical jukebox throughout my day. If you are unfamiliar with NoiseTrade's site, see a previous post of mine Music Experience Part 3: Exciting New Services

There are three reasons why I love NoiseTrade:

  • They offer tons of artists I haven't listened to
  • They are constantly adding new artists and music
  • All music is available to download for free!
So anytime I post a "What's Making Noise" post, it is most likely stemming from the best music I have listened to off of NoiseTrades site for the day. So the list below is what I was digging today!

Tim Halperin - The Last Song

I may be one of the few who actually heard Tim's music before I found out he was on American Idol. I don't watch the show, but I did some research and found out that he is currently a finalist for this season. Very cool. And it's pretty neat you can find one of his songs for a free download now before this potential Idol winner blows up. Oh and as an added bonus.....he plays piano.

Simliar To: Ben Folds, Coldplay, The Fray

Gin House - Gin House Recordings

This is an acoustic duo from Atlanta Georgia that create a good cohesive sound. Just a couple of guys with guitars singing that country folk music that I enjoy so much. It takes some strong vocals and lyrics to be able to stand out acoustically and these two do it well in my opinion. Check out their song "Things in My Head".

No Preview Available
Similar To: The Civil Wars, Amos Lee, The Damnwells

The Farewell Drifters - Echo Boom

These guys caught my ear on NoiseTrade with their franticly paced single called "Punchline". This is another acoustic song but you almost wouldn't notice because you hear such a full sound with so many stringed instruments being played. This is quite an entertaining 5 man mesh of music.

Similar To: She & Him, Death Cab for Cutie

Trent Dabbs & Lori McKenna - Album Sampler

These two are actually solo artists who have combined some of their songs for a NoiseTrade sampler. Trent Dabbs has just released his sixth studio album titled "Southerner". He was also a major part in putting together the musical collective "Ten Out of Tenn". Lori has had an impressive musical history as well working with the likes of Tim McGraw. She has a great country sound and her song "Buy This Town" is phenomenal and its offered on this free download! Hands down my favorite song of this post. Get it!

For Fans of: Country Music


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