Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ben Rector: Free Noisetrade Sampler

After finding some great great gems on Noise Trade lately (GRODamnwells) I felt the need to return to the site in an effort to find something new to get me through the workweek.  I checked out the top downloads page and clicked on Ben Rector and listened to the samples of his albums and was very happy with what I found.

Ben brings a mellow sound that mixes both acoustic guitar as well as piano.  I would describe it as a hybrid between Coldplay, The Fray, Jason Mraz, and also Garrett Gue.  Rectors songs range in tone with the more happy "After All" which is primarily acoustic guitar, to the more upbeat electronic "Disarm".  The songs included in the samples are all very good and I would recommend checking it out.  Upon checking out Ben Rectors website , I found that he is currently touring and has a wide range of videos to see more of his work.

For those of you who enjoy the mellow tones of the aforementioned groups , you can't go wrong with Ben Rector.


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