Sunday, April 3, 2011

Building My Perfect Road Trip Mix

In my opinion, there are two key parts to a successful "solo" road trip. The first thing is, a road trip is the perfect excuse to eat fast food for every meal of the day. There is no need to plan your meals, you just keep the wheels turning until a restroom break is unavoidable. If you have some solid road trip experience, you can just hold it until a Super-Sized exit appears with a ton of foody options.

The second key necessity requires a little more planning and pickyness because you have to nail down a game plan for what will be playing in the car while your driving. Now to some this is not a big deal. But I have to be stimulated while I'm driving and I prefer dancing and singing compared to constant caffeine injections.

Now it has been a while since I have taken a decently long road trip and this upcoming trip is going to involve about 25 hours of driving. So I am typing out this post and formulating my music road trip game plan as we speak. So what would be my necessities to a successful road trip mix? The music I cram into my iPod will have to have one of the following characteristics. My only rule is that there can't be any sad songs, I have to stay AWAKE!
  • Sing Alongs - Songs that I know by heart that I can sing out LOUD. Massive choruses needed.
  • Beat Boxers - Give me some drums and a bass line that I can pound the steering wheel to.
  • Guitar Heroes - Sometimes a hard rock guitar solo replicated via air guitar is needed to keep the blood pumpin.
  • Local Flavors - I gotta pack the genre's common to my surroundings. If I plan on hearing some local music while I'm away, it's necessary to set the tone.
  • All-Time Albums - Albums from your All-Time favorite bands that you can just wear out, no matter the occasion. All songs have to be solid. You don't want to pick up a downer if you're playing songs randomly.
Those five groups are a good start, but I may come up with more along the way. Another thing that I am going to try to do is to take a lot of new music with me that I haven't completely got a grasp of yet. There is a lot of free music that I have download that I haven't spent any time listening to. And I'm thinking that there is no better way to get a feel for new music when you have all the time in the world with minimal distractions. So the posts that follow will feature some of the free music that I have downloaded throughout the tenure of this blog that I haven't had time to listen to thoroughly. All music that will be shared will be of course FREE to download. So follow along my road trip planning experience if you'd like. FYI I leave Wednesday and will be gone for 5 days. Maybe some site updates over the break, we will see.

Feel free to comment on some good ideas for road trip music that you like. And for the fun of it, categorize it into one of the groups labeled above or throw them into your own category if you'd like. I would appreciate the input!


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