Friday, April 22, 2011

The Civil Wars - Free Download from Eddie's Attic

In an announcement of what's "New to Me" this week, I've discovered that The Civil wars have a free download available from their live performance at Eddie's Attic on the groups website. I mention that this is "New to Me" because apparently it has already been downloaded over 100,000 times! At first I thought that number was pretty staggering, but then I found out that their single "Poison & Wine" was featured in full coverage on the show Grey's Anatomy.

"Sidebar: I hear the show Grey's Anatomy is really good. I have never watched an episode because it interferes with my live viewing of "The Office" and I am not really a fan of Doctor Drama's. However, I am constantly reading about bands that have been launched into the national spotlight because of this TV show. It has become glaringly obvious that I may need to start watching just to stay in "the know" about bands that are about to blow up. If anyone could provide a character introduction and show synopsis/background in like a Venn Diagram or Movie Trailer form, that would be perfect."

Although the TV show was the medium that delivered the sound to listeners, it has been the duo's music dynamic that has demanded the attention of music critics and fans alike. The Civil Wars build a simple and minimalistic acoustic sound around their vocal delivery of complex emotions. Based on the groups Bio, their bands name has been derived from the highs and lows and internal struggles of an intimate personal relationship which is clearly defined in their breakthrough song "Poison & Wine". That is something many of us relate to, and these two have put it to song very well.

I sampled their free download while I was cleaning by bathroom the other day. I wouldn't suggest The Civil Wars while you are cleaning however because most of us could use some positive self-encouragement to get jazzed up during a cleaning session. This group for me delivers when you need to dive into your personal head space and lose yourself in thought.

I also really enjoy listening to the live concert recordings because you get a lot of additional commentary and dialogue from the group. During the set, they poke fun at their own depressingly sad music, and joke about their marriages and excessive perspiration, Ha. To download their live music recorded at Eddie's Attic, click the link below to be directed to their site. Also as a note, I had trouble downloading the album as a whole so I had to download the tracks individually which is an option.

Plug in your headphones and drown out the distraction. This is something worth listening to.

Download The Civil Wars - Live at Eddie's Attic


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