Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Trip Mix - Part 1

This is my first post of road trip song selections. These artists come to you via the great services of Brite Revolution. The Brite Revolution site helps artists connect with their fans as well as help raise awareness and funds for programs that affect our community locally and around the world. All you have to do is sign up for a free account on their site and you will have access to download all of the free music listed below and more.

This post is part of a series of posts on the topic of road trip music. I am trying to create a nice large mix of music that will keep me awake and crusing during my long upcoming drive to visit family. The songs listed below are a sampling of what I plan to take with me. To see the other road trip posts, select one of the links listed below.

Road Trip Mix Intro: Building My Perfect Road Trip Mix

Andy Davis - Hush Money
Category: Beat Boxer    

A piano man with some kick. Andy has a sound all his own with a smooth delivery. "Hush Money" has a solid bass beat with a crowd clapping background. Honestly the fluid vocal delivery could probably stand alone with just the steady beat of claps.

Brooke Fraser - Something in The Water
Category: Beat Boxer

This one is bound to get your foot stomping. It could also quite possibly turn into an earworm of a song that sticks with you. I've sampled some of Brooke's tunes before, but nothing quite like this one.

The CO - Keep It Together
Category: Sing Alongs

The CO seems to be somewhat of a new movement and have just recently released an album. After taking a quick run through of their music I am really liking their harmonies and the backing piano keys. This group could be appealing to many sorts of music fans. Take a listen.

The Kicks - Hawk Eyes
Category: Guitar Heroes

Roll the windows down and turn this one up. This one is going to fit in nicely to my music mix. This group has a rock legend sound for the modern day. I'm going to take a few songs from this group with me. See also "Songs for the Queen".


Sweet Talk Radio - My Hallelujah
Category: Local Flavors

I really like this duo's melody. They offer two great songs on Brite's site. "Lovesick" fits into the Sing Alongs category, but this song called "My Hallelujah" can fit into the local flavors category with their banjo and guitar strings.

No Preview Available

Tonic - If You Could Only See
Category: Sing Alongs

Tonic has been doing this music thing for a while now and doing it well. "If You Could Only See" was a smash hit in the mid 90's and I'm willing to bet almost anyone could sing that chorus line. Brite Revolution offers up the Acoustic version of this song as well as some other Tonic songs that are new to me but good tunes.


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