Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Hopeless Records Sampler - Yellowcard / All Time Low & More

This download is no longer available but a similar Hopeless Records Sampler is avaialble on Amazon. CLICK HERE to download.

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 I just got my hands on one of the best record label samplers I have ever downloaded for free. For fans of major pop-punk bands, Hopeless Records has released a 12-song sampler of some of their artists. These artists include the likes of Yellowcard, All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, Anarbor, The Wonder Years and more!

This sampler comes courtesy of Kerrang Magazine which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  In addition to the bands listed above, I was also introduced to some groups I've never heard of before. Hello and nice to meet you "There For Tomorrow", "We Are The In Crowd", and "For The Foxes"!

Check out the track listing below to see what the offering is like. It is difficult to find a better music sampler out there that offers music from such top talent. Get it while it's still available! Just click on the link below to be directed to the site for your download. Only your email address is required.

Download: Hopeless Records Sampler

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Rocket Summer - Free Live Acoustic Album

Last night I was informed of some excellent news from singer/songwriter Bryce Avary that he was releasing a FREE album of acoustic live tracks recorded from his concerts. Bryce is the complete drive and presence behind the group The Rocket Summer and I have been a long time fan for many years. Needless to say this was an immediate download and listen for me and it is excellent.

What makes this free album stand out so much is that I personally have never heard anyone put so much emotion into their music. Each of his songs share a very personal look into his life and how he chooses to live it day by day. He also takes each of his songs to his vocal limit often times screaming the choruses in his own unique style. But his music is more than just the words he sings, Bryce is the definition of MUSICAL TALENT. Not only does he sing, he also writes, produces, and plays every instrument on each of his albums. That is putting a lot of passion into your music! And that passion is evenly reciprocated by his loyal following of fans that could repeat every line of every song. And to prove that point, all you need to do is pick a song off of this free album release and press play. You will hear the crowd singing louder than Bryce during every song.

Unfortunately I have never seen The Rocket Summer live in concert, but the group has made my list of bands to see this year. I just need to get it scheduled! I have heard many good things about Bryce's live shows and the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the stage. This album gives you a great insight into what his shows are like. Thanks Bryce for releasing this music to the fans. It is a great representation of what you have accomplished musically over the years.

The album can be downloaded using the widget below. All you need to do is provide your email address. This album features songs from all of his full album releases.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Music Preparation - Planning a Playlist for the Road

In a trio of previous posts from last month (April 2011), I shared my process of building a road trip mix for my trip out to the east coast. The trip turned out great, but I relied on good music and good entertainment to get me through. Thankfully, due to the technological wonders of GPS location and mapping, I didn't have to worry about how I am going to get to where I was going. I did however, spend a lot of time thinking about how the heck I was going to get to where I was going! A long drive can be a dreadfully tedious task, and if you can't keep yourself awake and entertained, it may start to feel like you're never going to make it. Here lies the importance of music preparation.

Driving round-trip, I was facing roughly a full day's worth of drive time (24 hours). Nobody in their right mind would want to be in a car that long, especially with gas prices these days. But I was pretty excited about visiting my sister and I did not want the long drive to put a damper on that excitement. So I immediately came up with two great reasons to be excited about the long drive.

First of all, road trips are the perfect excuse to eat fast food for every meal of the day. You can supersize your meals all day long and not feel guilty because that is your only option! Secondly, spending a day in the car is a great opportunity to sample your music collection that you have amassed over the years. I have loads great music tucked away on my computer as well as several new albums that I haven't given my full attention to. After thinking about the kind of music I wanted to pack along for the trip, I began to get pretty excited about traveling and all of the playlist opportunities that were laid out before me.

I began wondering to myself what kind of songs would make a good playlist for the road. The first thing that came to mind was that I needed to stay awake and stay active, so each song would have to carry a solid beat. I am a big fan of the emotion packed into sad songs, but I knew I would have to leave them out of this playlist because driving all day is depressing enough. I knew I had to have that active beat, but to make the music selection process easier I categorized my music playlist into categories that would keep me conscious!
  • Sing Alongs - Songs that I know by heart that I can sing out LOUD. Massive choruses are needed for this category.
  • Beat Boxers - Give me some drums and a bass line that I can pound the steering wheel to.
  • Guitar Heroes - Sometimes a hard rock guitar solo replicated via air guitar is needed to keep the blood pumping.
  • All-Time Albums - Albums from your all-time favorite bands that you can just wear out, no matter the occasion. All songs have to be solid. You don't want to pick up a downer if you are playing songs randomly.
  • Free Hit Singles - There are a ton of up-and-coming bands out there that are giving away some of their best music for free. They do this so they can reach new fans and it is a great option for building a playlist. It is always nice to hear a new song once in a while to keep the excitement going.
Building my road trip playlist was a pretty fun process. But I wanted to make sure I kept that same attitude throughout my long journey. To keep this excitement going throughout my drive, I created some goals and fun challenges to make things interesting. My music playlist goal for the road trip was to start playing my iPod mix on shuffle and then not skip a single song for the entire duration of travel. I wanted my playlist to be like attending a concert. I would have no clue as to what song was coming next and I would be pleasantly surprised by the unending presentation of all my favorite music.

It worked out really well. I skipped two songs before I started my journey because I needed a perfect starting song. I happily settled for "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish and then never skipped a song for the remainder of the trip.

I also decided to document my road trip music experience with pictures. This idea was partially inspired by the movie Elizabethtown and the awesome photography power of the Instagram iPhone app. So in the movie Elizabethtown, Orlando Bloom's character takes a road trip across the country with several CDs worth of fantastic songs. He also followed a custom made map w/ notes made for him by a recent acquaintance. As the movie scene rolled, it highlighted some wonderful locations and landscapes of the United States to the tune of some great music.

In somewhat similar fashion, I documented the landscapes and music of my trip with iPhone pictures from the road using Instagram. After snapping a photo, I would tag it with my comments as well as with the artist and song title that was playing in the car at the time.

Below is an example of one of my Instagram photos I took during the trip. I thought it was a cool way to document my trip and I got to upload all of my pictures to Facebook and Twitter on the fly. This allowed my friends and family to follow along with me as I traveled. I got a lot of great feedback.

The day ends in spectacular fashion (Augustana - "Sweet and Low")

The results of the trip were fantastic and it was a really enjoyable drive. I even beat my drive time estimates by a full hour-and-a-half by only stopping one time on the way there. I enjoyed my time in the car, and keeping myself active and entertained in the process while I drove played a huge roll in that. In a future post, I will elaborate more on the science of road trip music selection and dive into my music categories. I also believe I have found the perfect band to listen to on a long distance drive so stay tuned. In the meantime, happy traveling!
Road Stats (including sightseeing):
  • 1,824 miles
  • 302 songs played
  • 24 hours and 22 minutes drive time
  • 2 songs skipped
  • 0 flat tires

Road Sign Image: Flickr

Dig in to the Sound of Afterlife Parade - Free Download

Singer/Songwriter Quinn Erwin is the influence behind the exciting new sound of Afterlife Parade. Quinn has been writing and performing for the last 12 years but this is his first release as a part of Afterlife Parade. I've spent a considerable amount of time during this past week diving into his debut release EP titled "Death". At first, the title itself nearly turned me away without a note being heard. But I am glad I pushed play on this one to discover the influence behind the group and their debut release. The six-song EP is an emotional journey that that begins with fear, hate, and confusion, and then triumphantly moves on to love, life, and celebration.

After a series of personal losses in his life, Quinn Erwin suddenly found himself embarking on a new direction musically that manifested into the sound of Afterlife Parade. Erwin describes the groups first release as "...deep, dark and atmospheric".

True to his description, the first song "Death" has a very dark undertone describing the fight against life as we battle against our aging bodies and "Shake our fists" at death. Erwin vocalizes an ugly end to the battle in several lines stating "When the fire's coming... Can you feel your soul start to lose control... As the light comes crashing... Everything you see is pulling you under".

As a life comes to an end after the first song, the world as we know it comes crashing down in the second song "Nothing But Love Can Stay". Erwin depicts the Apocalypse throughout the song with the "Earthquakes roaring" and the "Mountains crumbling into the sea". The Earth is coming to its end with its inhabitants on board as we all "Beg God for one more day". And finally when the song comes to a close, our cities and skyscrapers have been flattened, and "Nothing But Love Can Stay". Brilliant.

The next two songs on the EP aren't as easy to narrate for the reader as Quinn's writing takes a personal turn. As is common with any personal experience, it's easiest to turn to the use of simile's and metaphor's to describe the most complex of emotions. The song "Simple" is my favorite track on this release and it is chalk full of these literary gems! I love a good open ended song that the listener can make their own according to their personal life experiences and that is what the song "Simple" gives you. The instrumentals take a back seat on this track as Erwin lays out his soul to a steady rhythm guitar singing "In the pasture of your thoughts, is there a place for me?"

The emotional journey ends on a high note with the closing song that is the title track and inspiration for the band Afterlife Parade. That initial inspiration became a verse. The verse became a song. The song would eventually take Erwin in an unexpected direction entirely, which launched the creation of a band.

I couldn't recall if I had ever heard any songs about death that were triumphant and celebratory,” Erwin explains. “So I made it my mission to write one.” And indeed he did...

This album has been a thrill to dig in to this past week and I was pretty excited to share my thoughts with everyone regarding this group. My personal suggestion is if you view music as an art of expression, you will love this EP.

The best news is that can stream each track using the widget below, as well as download the entire EP for free! As an additional bit of great news, the groups follow up EP titled "Rebirth" will soon be released sometime this summer. They are currently shooting a video for the first single off of that album. To keep up with the latest news and tour dates for this group, check out the bands Facebook page. I would also highly suggest visiting the groups Bandcamp site where you can read all of the lyrics to each song.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We Welcome Disqus: We Want Your Input!

Hello all of you Music Sourced readers and downloaders; whoever you are! One of my goals for this site has been to make Music Sourced a more interactive environment for all of the followers and visitors that surf these pages. I got a lot of ideas and we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our site. One way that we could better our site is to interact more efficiently with you guys and gals.

Knowing this, I wanted to implement the use of the Disqus commenting system. This is a complete overhaul of our commenting system on this site and it will make it easier for the readers to share their opinions and comments! There are many advantages for both the readers and the writers of this site by using Disqus. Check out some of the advantages listed below:
  1. Commenter's can log-in using either their Facebook or Twitter account when leaving a comment. This will automatically attach your name and photo to your comment if you so choose.
  2. Users can choose the "Like" or "Dislike" button at the bottom of each post. This will let us know what kind of music everyone is in to.
  3. After leaving a comment, other users can choose "Like" or "Dislike" on your comment and even choose to directly respond to what you have said. If someone responds to your comment, you will receive a notification letting you know that someone has responded to you.
  4. Anyone will also be able to view any of the comments or people that have posted on this site.
  5. Disqus will also provide tracking for the activity regarding each post. If anybody retweets us or shares a post on any other site, it will show up on the activity feed.
As mentioned, I am excited to build a more interactive environment on the site. So excited in fact, that I am going to propose a little contest opportunity. The first person to comment on any of our upcoming posts and leave us a message about their favorite band, we will write a post about that band! Hopefully you're not disappointed in the fact that it is not a cash prize, hah. But if you would like to play along, all you will have to do is the following:
  1. Write a comment on any post that is released after this Disqus announcement.
  2. In your comment, let us know what band, artist, or group you would like us to cover and we will feature that band in the following week. Also, in your own opinion let us know why you like the band you have selected.
  3. Just a few rules:
    • You cannot be a member of the band you suggest. (If you would like us to review your band contact us directly). 
    • The band has to be family friendly. I cannot think of any band that is too repulsive to review, but I'm sure there are some jokesters out there that can find something to cross that line.
Best of luck to anybody who has read this far into the post. We look forward to reading the commentary on the upcoming posts. Heck, feel free to even leave us one now if you'd like!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Elliott Smith

For this weeks Throwback I was having a hard time trying to think of who I should write about.  It often seems that as I wrack my brain for an idea, good ideas seem to be miles away from where your mind is.  I however happened to put my IPod on shuffle and one of the songs that came on was by this weeks featured artist, Elliott Smith.

I was turned on to Elliott Smith over a decade ago as he was included in the soundtrack of one of my all time favorite movies, Good Will Hunting. I remember as I was watching the movie and hearing bits of songs being played with such emotion and brilliance and instantly wanted to know who the artist was. After very little digging, I found out it was Smith.  I then bought the soundtrack to the movie and focused on listening to primarily the six songs featured by Elliott Smith including: Miss Misery, Say Yes, Between the Bars, and Angeles. Through these songs Smith offered a unique singing style as well as fantastic playing of the acoustic guitar, all of which I quickly became a fan of.

All of Smith's songs that I have ever listened to bring a sound with so much emotion, unlike any other group I have ever listened too.  It's easy to sort of get a glimpse of how Elliott viewed the world, as well as dealt with his own personal demons,  having long suffered from depression, drug abuse, and alcoholism.  The real tragedy coming in 2003 when Smith died from committing suicide at the age of 34.  The years following his death have brought many to truly discover his music and also really appreciate the messages that he put forth through song, causing his music to grow in popularity immensely compared to that of while he was alive.

As I was looking into finding some old concerts by Smith, I came across an archived concert from 2003 that offers a live recording that gives us a brief look into what is the musical brilliance of Elliott Smith.  Live at Henry Fonda Theatre

I encourage you to continue to explore the music of Elliott, and know that his distinct voice and lyrical genius will allow you to also immerse yourself in great music from a great artist.

Here is a video of Smith performing his song Miss Misery  at the 1998 Academy Awards.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Music for the Meaning

This week has been one of recollection and reflection for me personally. We all get in those modes where our brains break free from their regularly scheduled programming to drift into thoughts about what all has happened to life as you know it since your last reflection. I love to get lost in thought personally.

Nothing gets me into my reflective head space quite like a well written song. When you find yourself no longer listening to the sound and you realize you're now digesting the words...... that's when you know you're listening to some great music.

These four artists below have some wonderfully well written songs that are fueled by some truly meaningful experiences. They have helped put me in a solid place this week and I have had their music on repeat as of late.

And the best part of music is that it's always open for interpretation! Another good part of this post is that all of the music featured is free to download! Tune yourself in to the songs below and take note of the lyrics that you lose yourself in. Enjoy!

Justin McRoberts - Done Living

"You see the question isn't are you going to suffer any more.
But what will it have meant when you are through?
The question isn't are you going to die, you're going to die
But will you be done living when you do?"
Amy Courts - Breathe

"Just take these cold and rusted lungs. Make them breathe somehow."

"Don't get me wrong, I've got it all figured out
But sometimes I lose the words I'm living by"
Tigers That Talked - The Merchant
"I’ll get on the wrong train, sleep for half the day. When I wake I’ll be somewhere better. And as I sleep I dream, of summers by the sea. Of when I was much younger and still looking at the world. I hear the words of elders; remember what they told us. Of how life’s about value and not how much you earn."
Yellowcard - Hang You Up

"I get lost sometimes
Another year flies by
But I know if I try
Memories of the light in your eyes
Can take me back in time"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors Chasing Someday Album only $5 this month

At musicsourced we generally try and focus on getting the word out on free music.  We have also written many times about one of our favorite bands out there today in Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.  After having seen them play in concert at the Exit/In awhile back I became even more of a fan as they played songs off their new album "Chasing Someday".  

This album is filled with great songs including : Baby Tomorrow, Fire and Dynamite, and Weight of the World.  Although this album is not free it is as close to being free as one could hope, only $5 this month at  After listening to this album upwards of 50 times in the past few months I can tell you that by getting it for such a low price you may as well be stealing from Drew himself, its that good of an album.  

As summer is nearing, you can't go wrong with making Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors Chasing Someday,  your summer anthem of 2011.  As you are cruising with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair, take Drew, Ellie, and the rest of the gang with you., for only $5 (which is about the price of a gallon of gas) you wont be disappointed with this album.

Also, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the group, here is an interview from Live 100 from earlier in the week  with Drew Holcomb talking about the band, their genre, and anything else you may or may not know already about them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shy Blakeman: Long Distance Man - Free Download

I have another free gift for all those country music fans that follow Music Sourced. I just stumbled upon Shy Blakeman's sound after discovering that he had opened for Bob Seger (according to a Twitter post). I streamed his entire CD at work the other day and I think its worth a listen. It kept me moving in my office chair as the day wore on.

I don't know much about Blakeman himself except that his is a Texan and that "Long Distance Man" is his third full length album release. The final product of this album sounds pretty polished. I can also add Blakeman to my list of artists that have caught my ear lately that are from Texas. There is a lot of unsigned talent and genre variety to choose from the great state including some artists featured on this site (GRO, David Ramirez, The Rocket Summer).

I'd also like to tip my hat to Shy Blakeman for releasing his album as a free download. To me, that is an accurate barometer of just how much the music means to these guys. If you love what you do as much as many artists out there, you are willing to share it and play it for anyone wanting to listen. Below is an excerpt from Shy Blakeman's Site that describes his view on why he chose to give away his music.

"Lets be honest, times are hard for everyone. Less and less people are buying music because they can no longer afford to spend money on anything but the necessities. With the cost of living climbing and paychecks dwindling, people are missing out on the music they love. And that's exactly what music is about... Love. That's why, from now on, I am giving my album Long Distance Man away for FREE. This is not a limited time offer. This is it. I want you to have my album. It deserves to be heard and you deserve a thank you for all of your support. Below I have setup a mailing list and donation box. Signing up for the mailing list and making donations are not mandatory but appreciated. Donate what ever you think the album is worth. $0.00, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $100.00, it doesn't matter. Anything would be appreciated as we are all in this current economic crisis together. Music soothes the soul and I hope my music brings some joy to your life. Because you have brought joy to mine by allowing me to live my dream.  I will also be giving my album away with the price of admission at all of my concerts starting April 1st. No strings, just love."

Thanks for the generosity and appreciation for music fans out there Shy. You can preview Shy Blakeman's CD below. Click the link directly below to be directed to his website to download his album.

Download: Shy Blakeman - Long Distance Man

Throwback Thursday: Bob Seger Rocks Indianapolis

Note: Throwback Thursday is a day late due to extended Blogger maintenance.

Bob Seger turned 66 this past Friday (May 6). The very next evening he sang that old time rock and roll for nearly two-and-a-half hours in front of 15,000 fans at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. You might be thinking that most 66-year-olds would long be in bed before Seger even took the stage that night. And while that seems like an accurate statement, I saw more 60-plus-year-olds at the concert than those individuals from my own mid 20s age group. The stadium was filled with old time rockers that came out to see Bob Seger on his first tour since 2007. They didn't just come out to sit and listen either; they came out to party and have a great time. I'm here to tell you that Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band delivered and I found myself right in the middle of it.

Now I can't claim to know a whole lot about Bob Seger's history and his contributions to music over his career. I had never owned any of the albums he has released, nor have I ever seen him perform any of his songs live or via recording. But I did make sure to get his greatest hits albums beforehand so I could sing my way through most of the concert. I have always enjoyed Seger's music in passing and I have a great interest in the classic rock era which has been passed down from my father. I was really looking forward to seeing Seger perform live alongside my dad.

The show itself started off very slowly. I'm used to rock groups running on to the stage after a huge intro and go straight into a high energy rock frenzy to get things started. That is what I am used to, but that is not what happened. Just before the show started, I saw the silver haired drummer in the background thoroughly stretching out every major muscle in his upper body. I thought to myself at that point that I may end up disappointed if I didn't get to see Seger's rock energy of the '70s and '80s on the stage that night. Shortly thereafter, the 15-member Silver Bullet Band came walking on to the stage while waving at the crowd in relaxed fashion.

They all took their positions with instruments in hand and started playing the intro to "Roll Me Away." They were all standing stiffly statue-esque while playing and I was still concerned for the show ahead. But then Bob grabbed the mic with both hands and started delivering that classic Seger sound. The vocals were dead on and perfectly preserved like a record from the '70s and the crowd poured in behind him singing along with every word. This classic rock experience had only just begun.

As the next few songs were played, the front line of the band left their positions and started exploring the stage. Bob Seger took the mic and worked from corner to corner delivering to everyone in the crowd. His fists began pumping and his legs started stomping to the drum beat. The rest of the band loosened up as well as they were fueled by a stadium full of energetic fans. Shortly into the show, Bob strapped on a guitar and a headband to keep the sweat back while the group's energy continued to rise. The band's continuity was pretty apparent as the show progressed, and Seger later stated that a few of the guys in the band had been with him for more than 40 years. Quite impressive.

The performance given that night was as expected, but what I enjoyed most about this concert was the instrumentals. The Silver Bullet Band featured so much individual talent that each of them could have been the star of the show. The lead guitarist and the lead sax guy took turns highlighting the sound of each song. The band also featured a Michigan-based quartet of horns that added a great presence to the stage. Additionally, the backup singers in the band not only provided their vocal talent, they also played just about any percussion instrument you could imagine. And let's not forget about the piano play that really pulled everything together as it helped set the pace. To hear all those instruments coming together behind the legendary and unique voice of Bob Seger really made this concert stand out above most I've seen.

Throughout the duration of the show, the band played nearly every song you would expect to hear. They even added a new song that will be coming out on the next album, as well as several songs that were a part of some of his earlier releases. To me though, the song that highlighted the evening was a song that I hadn't heard of before titled "Horizontal Bop." The band had the whole stadium dancing during the song, as many of them went in to the aisle ways to really get moving. There was even a man that appeared to be pushing 80 that began dancing with a woman half his age. A couple of beach balls also appeared out of the middle of the crowd and at this point, the security crew really had their hands full. Let's not forget, these people were predominantly at retirement age! You always hear the expression that "Rock and Roll Never Dies," but this show really put that statement into perspective for me.

By the time the concert came to a close, Bob Seger's hair was completely saturated and some lucky person in the crowd got to go home with that headband. The group had played for nearly two hours and 20 minutes, including not just one, but two encores. As I walked out of Conseco Fieldhouse, all my family was talking about was the performance and what my parents remembered about Bob Seger and his music while growing up. It was a great experience to go to the show with my parents and get to relive their memories from younger days along with the music that influenced some of those memories. We drove home to listening to Bob Seger on my iPod all the way back.

Hats off to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band for putting on a great show. It was a great experience to hear those classic rock songs performed live as they were when they originally came out decades ago. I hope you have enjoyed my perspective of a show featuring music that came well before my time. I cannot write with much expertise on Bob Seger's musical era, but I sure enjoyed that Old Time Rock and Roll. I may not have any records to take off the shelf, but Bob Seger's Greatest Hits will have a home on my iPod for quite some time.

Bob Seger Photo: Indianapolis Star

Article first published as Concert Review: Bob Seger Rocks Indianapolis, Indiana, 5/7/11 on Blogcritics.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary Music Sampler

Lollapalooza is an annual music festival featuring popular heavy metal, alternative rock, punk rock, and hip hop bands and this year the festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Lollapalooza was first held in 1991 and it was started by Jane's Addiction front man Perry Farrell for his bands final farewell show. The farewell show turned into an annual summer music festival that has occurred ever since with the exception of a brief intermission from 1997-2003. To view an interactive timeline of the history of this event, view the Lollapalooza Time Capsule page that showcases all of the memorable moments of past performances. I spent a good 20 minutes scrolling through all of the pictures and videos.

The Lollapalooza festival has always featured a great collection of musical talent year after year. This year to celebrate their 20th anniversary they have released a Lollapalooza sampler of past performers from the 90's to today. Check out the track listing below and get yourself some of that free music! Granted, it would be nice to attend the live festival in Chicago (Aug. 5th-7th); but a free sampler beats a $215 ticket for most people.

There is a wide variety of music featured in this playlist. The majority of the songs don't match up with my genre interests but there were a few tracks that I liked personally including: Company of Thieves, G. Love, J Mascis, John Butler Trio, and Silversun Pickups.

Download: Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary Sampler

Monday, May 9, 2011

Laura Stevenson and the Cans - Sit Resist: Free Download

There is no better way to celebrate Music Monday than to listen to some new music. What's new for me today is the sound of Laura Stevenson and the Cans. This group has a new CD out called "Sit Resist" and it is free to download for the remainder of this month. I have streamed the CD in its entirety several times over the past couple of days as it has been a wonderful background soundtrack while I work.

What I have enjoyed most so far about this group is that their sound is delivered so clearly to the listener. The style and musical pace differ from song to song but you can easily pick out each of the instruments that are highlighted. Not a sound is wasted, drowned out, or backgrounded. Usually a groups sound is almost always clearly defined by the guitar or piano, but this group delivers a musical package of sorts that is never dominated by one specific instrument. This musical package is displayed nicely with the two songs I enjoy most off of this release. The song "Barnacles" differentiates itself with its horn section and then on the next track the banjo sets the locomotive pace of the "Montauk Monster". The vocals of Laura Stevenson and her groups instrumental composition provide a wonderful musical mesh that can be appreciated by any fan of aesthetically pleasing sound.

Speaking of appreciation, this group has decided to release their first full length album for free for the first month inspired by the loyalty of their fans. The following is a statement made on their site:

 "If you like the album, want to support us, and want to encourage more artists to distribute their music for free on the Internet, the best and easiest thing you can do is to simply share this album with your friends right now."

Music Sourced could not agree more with this standing and support this group and their efforts. Thank you for this music offering. You can download Laura Stevenson and the Cans first album by clicking the link below.

Download: Laura Stevenson and the Cans: Sit Resist

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Neil Young - Ohio

For my second consecutive Throwback Thursday I'm turning back the clock and writing about an artist whom I've grown to become a fan of in recent years in Neil Young.

This week marks the 41st anniversary of when 4 students at Kent State University in Ohio were shot and killed by members of the Ohio National Guard who were brought in to mitigate the riots that had ensued as a protest to the United States invasion into Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Upon seeing the pictures of the incident in Life Magazine, Young wrote the lyrics to the song Ohio as a testament and memorial to those lost in such a horrible incident.  The song was recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young on a single and released it in June of 1970.

I first heard this song a few years ago after taking a Rock History class in college and immediately became a fan and wanted to explore more of Neil Young's music.  The song Ohio, along with its political undertones, features one of my all time favorite guitar riffs that is unmistakable as you listen to the song.  For those of you that aren't familiar with Young's music you should definitely give it a shot, although it may not be for everyone. For those used to the mellow and acoustic tunes we usually write about on here you may be surprised what you find.  Neil Young often includes copious amounts of reverb in his songs, bringing with it a sound that literally screams rock n roll.  After listening to a recent release of his, fellow musicsourced writer Jamen  described the sound as "If someone were to listen to this song live, the amount of reverb would probably kill them." Which by the way can't be proven as far as I know... I recommend highly checking out some of  Neil Young's music and if you are like me, you will be playing the beginning to Ohio in your head all day long.

Willie Nelson's Country Throwback Tour - Free Download

Music Sourced is going a little bit country today with this latest free music post. Willie Nelson and friends are about to embark on the second annual Willie Nelson Country Throwdown tour which will make stops at many outdoor amphitheaters across the country. The artist lineup includes Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser, Brantley Gilbert, Craig Campbell, Lee Brice, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, Drake White, Jack Ingram and of course Willie Nelson and Trigger. Along with the main acts, there will also be 6 additional singer/songwriters featured in the Bluebird Cafe tent. I was  fortunate enough to see Willie Nelson as an opening act for John Fogerty a few years back and I was really impressed by the fan response to his performance. It is really a unique experience to hear Willie bring that classic country sound to the stage.

To add to the excitement of the upcoming tour, there is a free download available on iTunes that features 8 tracks by 8 of the artists that will be a part of the tour. Included as part of the download is Willie Nelson's "Man With The Blues". An excellent free download offering for a tour that anyone would be lucky to attend. See the track listing below and enjoy the free music!

Click below to download:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Coachella 2011 - Download 150 Free Songs

The season for summer music festivals is upon us as all of your favorite bands are gearing up for their summer tours. A music festival brings out a lot of bands, a lot of music, and usually a large amount of free downloadable music. California's Coachella concert was one of the first festivals of the season and a lot of talented acts performed at the event. Lucky for those people who live on the other side of country, the festival produced loads of free downloadable music. After a quick search, I was able to scrounge up a measly 150 tracks that are free to download from large variety of the artists that played at the Coachella festival. There are plenty more out there to be had, but I believe you will get your fill with the downloads below. Enjoy!

Filter Magazine's Coachella Digital Sampler - This is Filter Magazines 8th annual Coachella sampler and it features 13 tracks from 13 different artists.


SPIN's Soundtrack for Coachella - Spin Magazine created a list of 25 must here artists that were part of the Coachella festival. Out of those 25 artists they have offered a free download of 10 of those must see acts.

Spinner.comOffers 30 Free MP3's from this years performers. Artists ranging from Bright Eyes and Chromeo, to Yelle and Arcade Fire.



Better Propaganda Coachella Sampler  - Better Propaganda had the best deal going that I can find offering over 75 tracks from artists that played at the festival. Download the whole thing, or pick your favorite tracks to download individually. That should keep you busy.


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