Monday, May 2, 2011

Coachella 2011 - Download 150 Free Songs

The season for summer music festivals is upon us as all of your favorite bands are gearing up for their summer tours. A music festival brings out a lot of bands, a lot of music, and usually a large amount of free downloadable music. California's Coachella concert was one of the first festivals of the season and a lot of talented acts performed at the event. Lucky for those people who live on the other side of country, the festival produced loads of free downloadable music. After a quick search, I was able to scrounge up a measly 150 tracks that are free to download from large variety of the artists that played at the Coachella festival. There are plenty more out there to be had, but I believe you will get your fill with the downloads below. Enjoy!

Filter Magazine's Coachella Digital Sampler - This is Filter Magazines 8th annual Coachella sampler and it features 13 tracks from 13 different artists.


SPIN's Soundtrack for Coachella - Spin Magazine created a list of 25 must here artists that were part of the Coachella festival. Out of those 25 artists they have offered a free download of 10 of those must see acts.

Spinner.comOffers 30 Free MP3's from this years performers. Artists ranging from Bright Eyes and Chromeo, to Yelle and Arcade Fire.



Better Propaganda Coachella Sampler  - Better Propaganda had the best deal going that I can find offering over 75 tracks from artists that played at the festival. Download the whole thing, or pick your favorite tracks to download individually. That should keep you busy.



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