Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Music for the Meaning

This week has been one of recollection and reflection for me personally. We all get in those modes where our brains break free from their regularly scheduled programming to drift into thoughts about what all has happened to life as you know it since your last reflection. I love to get lost in thought personally.

Nothing gets me into my reflective head space quite like a well written song. When you find yourself no longer listening to the sound and you realize you're now digesting the words...... that's when you know you're listening to some great music.

These four artists below have some wonderfully well written songs that are fueled by some truly meaningful experiences. They have helped put me in a solid place this week and I have had their music on repeat as of late.

And the best part of music is that it's always open for interpretation! Another good part of this post is that all of the music featured is free to download! Tune yourself in to the songs below and take note of the lyrics that you lose yourself in. Enjoy!

Justin McRoberts - Done Living

"You see the question isn't are you going to suffer any more.
But what will it have meant when you are through?
The question isn't are you going to die, you're going to die
But will you be done living when you do?"
Amy Courts - Breathe

"Just take these cold and rusted lungs. Make them breathe somehow."

"Don't get me wrong, I've got it all figured out
But sometimes I lose the words I'm living by"
Tigers That Talked - The Merchant
"I’ll get on the wrong train, sleep for half the day. When I wake I’ll be somewhere better. And as I sleep I dream, of summers by the sea. Of when I was much younger and still looking at the world. I hear the words of elders; remember what they told us. Of how life’s about value and not how much you earn."
Yellowcard - Hang You Up

"I get lost sometimes
Another year flies by
But I know if I try
Memories of the light in your eyes
Can take me back in time"


Anonymous said...

Hope the thoughts you are getting yourself lost in are happy thoughts...great songs, you know I enjoy new music :)

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