Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Indie Rock Cafe - Free Summer Sampler

The Indie Rock Cafe has released a free 25 song sampler just in time for the summer time. Indie Rock Cafe is one of the most popular Indie rock sites out there and a great source to find out about any band out there beginning to make waves. Artists continually send in their music voluntarily to this site hoping to be featured so they have plenty of music to go around. They could probably release a free 25 song sampler every day! Speaking of which, for any music artists out there reading this, continue to send me your tracks! I dig it.

So more about this sampler, you're going to find a lot of different music styles in this list. Most samplers are put out by music labels that all deliver similar sounds. This sampler is not devoted to one type of label and the songs represent many decades all the way back to the 60's (The Kinks). You can sample this list and download the tracks you like individually. My personal favorites from this list are as follows:

Note: - Click the link for an Amazon preview of the song but use the Indie Rock link at the bottom to download for free.

"Coppertone" - Hellogoodbye from Would It Kill You (2010)
"All Summer" - Kid Cudi, Best Coast, and Rostam Batmanglij (2011)
"Vacation Vacation" - U.S. Royalty from Mirrors (2011)

Pick Your Indie Rock Cafe Favorites!
Download Songs for Summer 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Hits - June 27, 2011

Today's version of the Quick Hits has been dominated by solo leading ladies but there are also a couple of rock jams for the guys. Don't forget that these downloads usually expire quickly so grab them while you got the chance!

Go Radio - Forever My Father

Go Radio is lead by frontman Jason Lancaster formerly of Mayday Parade. His lead vocals are raw and powerful and put you in a place to really feel the music. I love everything this guy puts out and this is an excellent song for a free download. This one probably won't be free for long.
Ingram Hill - Broken Lover

It has been a long time since I have heard anything out of Ingram Hill. I was a big fan of their hit "Will I Ever Make It Home" but I have never really followed up on the rest of their music. I was real happy to find this free download and wasn't surprised to find out that the rest of their music is pretty solid.
Download: Broken Lover
Abi Phillips - Somebody Without You

Abi Phillips is another "New To Me" artist that has popped onto my radar. The beauty of putting out content on Music Sourced centers around my enjoyment of finding great new artists and music and I enjoyed the lead vocals and harmonies of this song. I couldn't tell you much else about Abi but I do think this song deserves a listen and a download at a price of $0.00000. The link below goes to her Bandcamp page.
Priscilla Ahn - Cry Baby

I love this gals voice. She delivers like a lullaby; very simple, very smooth. I got hooked on her sound when I first heard her song Dream. This newest free song of hers isn't one of my favorites from Priscilla, but I know a lot of people personally that like her music so enjoy this free one!
Download: Cry Baby
Allie Moss - Late Bloomer
Now I know I have heard this song somewhere. Like a TV show or just surfing around the inter-webs looking for good music. But somewhere at some point this song stuck to my memory and now I see that it's free. Stick this one out until after the halfway point where the song picks up the pace.
Download: Late Bloomer

Free Amazon Download Credit

Don't miss out on this opportunity that is only available until the end of this month (June 30th). Navigate to Amazon's site and enter the redemption code to get a $2.00 credit toward any download purchases you make on Amazon's MP3 music store.

I believe this is to help promote Amazon's Cloud Player and I happily took the 30 seconds to log in to accept my credit. I will be using it shortly I'm sure! Get yours now using the link below!

Free Amazon Music Download Credit

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dave Matthews Band Caravan - Free Sampler

If you are a loyal follower of Dave Matthews Band you are probably well aware that the group has decided not to tour this year. I have personally gotten used to the group religiously playing nearly the same 60+ venues each year so this got my attention. Although a statement was released by Dave Matthews himself at the end of last year that eluded to the fact that the group would most definitely be playing somewhere and in some fashion for the fans.

He stated that, "Next year, although we're not going to hop on the same train of buses and drive around North America, I have no doubt we're going to get together, whether it's in front of people or whether it's in some room somewhere, and make music together, because this is my second family."

The good news for DMB fans is that his statement came to fruition in the form of the Dave Matthews Band Caravan summer music festivals. These festivals will be held at four different locations across the US running from June - September (New Jersey, Chicago, New York, Washington). The most intriguing part of these planned festivals for me personally is the band lineup for the events. Each festival stop is a three day weekend event that includes several of my favorite artists including O.A.R., Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, and Ben Folds.

And also the best news for all music fans is the fact that a free 7-song sampler has been released featuring some of the music you will be able to hear at these festival events. The sampler features live songs from Dave Matthews band themselves (Seven) as well as a live song from O.A.R (Untitled). The other five songs were new to me but I enjoyed the tracks from Bobby Long and Gomez. See the full song sampler offering below. There is a link below to download the sampler free from iTunes. I believe there will be more free samplers to come for these events so I will keep you posted.

P.S. Who wants to go to the Chicago festival? I need to see my guy Ben Folds this year!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Matt Nathanson: Modern Love Download

There is usually about 10 - 15 albums a year that I get really stoked about and today one of those albums has been released. Matt Nathanson's newest album "Modern Love" is out today and I am about to purchase it. My biggest artist following stems from talented singer/songwriters that like to play acoustically and Matt is a great example of that. He has a very unique way of depicting the most personal of feelings through his music. The kind of way that leaves you thinking that you really have no idea what the song is about, but somehow you can relate to it and you can hear just how much this music means to the artist. I haven't listened to the new album at all so this won't be a review of "What to Expect", but you have just read a paragraph of my expectations. Mind bender...

I have been a fan of Matt Nathanson since he released his live album titled "At The Point". This album is a great acoustic set of his songs, but the greatest appeal of the album is his collaboration with the fans. First of all, if this guy wasn't making music he would be making it as a full-time comedian. The guy is a riot! There are several tracks on the album that only feature his stories and commentary to the crowd including an impromptu song inspired by Philadelphia. And to this very day, his cover version of "Romeo and Juliet" that is featured on this album is my favorite song to play on guitar whenever I pick it up to play.

I would recommend checking out his live album as well as picking up his new album Modern Love. Since I have followed Matt, he has always raised the bar musically with every new album release so I am looking forward to take a listen. Also, if you are looking for a free taste of the new album, you can download a single off of the new album titled "Mercy" from iTunes (This week only). Find the download link below!

Also, Matt's record label (Vanguard Records) has a free download section on their site offering free songs from several of the groups artists. Check out the labels free download section below as well. Lots of good stuff!

So since this download was only available for a few days, I wrote another post that links to a free download of one of Matt's acoustic concerts. 25 free tracks of his music and comedy. See Matt Nathanson Download - Redemption Post

Matt Nathonson Single Download - (No Longer Available)

Vangaurd Records: Free Artist Download

Summer Break and More

Good evening Music Sourced community! It has been an extremely quiet month around these parts but I am happy to say that we are back for some more action! I have sort of taken a summer break of sorts from writing/posting/sharing on Music Sourced so far this month. This is the result of a little bit of vacation time, a pinch of birthday-ness, and loads of family and friends time scattered across the days. But I'm wearing out my hot playlists and summer has arrived so it is time for a free music refresh!!!!

Sometime within the next 24 hours I will have some more free songs to share as well as some news about a new album release that I have been patiently waiting for. I am looking forward to discovering some new fresh sounds out there and filling up the post feed with new content!

I would also like to take the time to thank anyone out there who has been enjoying the features and focus of this site over the past months. We have been doing this for 6 months now and have seen a steady climb of interest and attention to our sites features and that is really cool to see for me personally. Please continue to contact me and leave comments on the things you like and also what you would like to see more of. I dig that.

I will also be continuing on the slowwww train of development for the site to bring in some more social media collaboration and site upgrades. You can look forward to some awesome site upgrades whenever I feel like getting around to it!!!!

Take care all, let the summer play on...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: North Carolina Folk Band "Birds and Arrows"

Congratulations go out to bma1 as the winner of our completely un-announced and un-publicized Music Sourced contest! This person (potentially a he or she) was keen enough to read all the way through our Disqus announcement to discover that we would cover a band of choice by any reader that used the new Disqus system. So here we go!

The band of choice was a North Carolina trio that calls themselves "Birds and Arrows". The group originally started off as the husband and wife duo of Pete and Andrea Connolly; but just a few short years later they added their third member Josh Starmer. The group's uniquely blended music is delivered as a predominantly "unplugged" folk rock sound. Andrea provides the bulk of the lead vocals, but you will also hear Pete accenting Andrea on many of the groups tracks with his own vocals. The addition of Starmer to the group not only gave them more depth in numbers, but also gave Birds and Arrows a deeper, more enriched sound with the addition of his cello play. After Starmer joined the band, the group has released two full length albums including the most recently released "We're Gonna Run" (May 10, 2011).

To verbally describe the groups sound and influence upon their local area, I will quote from the group bio:

"The romance between Andrea and Pete’s voices is distinctly captivating and intertwines with Josh’s beautiful cello euphony. Birds and Arrows accomplish an elegant, warm sound that is truly their own. Their compelling and road tested live show appeals to a surprisingly wide range of audiences; they are the cherished rock band for folk lovers and the favorite folk group for rock fans"

I had never personally heard of this group so I was excited to take a listen. I'm a fan of new music and also a fan of something a little different. This is the first time I have come across a guitar, drum, cello, trio and I have enjoyed their brand of folk music. Thanks to bma1 for the suggestion and being a reader of our site!

Of course this wouldn't be complete without the free music portion of this post. First and foremost, you can stream their music by using their Reverb Nation widget directly below. You can also click on the 307 Knox Records link for a free download of two of their most recent songs "Time Alone" and "Arrows in the Air". The group is also featured on a locally funded cover-song compilation of North Carolina music artists. The album is titled "Musical Chairs" and it features Birds and Arrows covering a song by another local NC band titled "Sugarlicious".

Download 2 Songs: 307 Knox Records
Download Album: Nightsound Musical Chairs

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