Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come and Dance with SO3

If you are a generational rock junkie who commonly feels the urge to hit shuffle on your iPod, it may be time to calm those sudden urges with a dose of SO3. The blues-infused rock trio hailing from Southern California delivers a diverse range of guitar-driven tracks for fans of many different rock genres.

Mike, Serge, and Alan describe their music as a meld of psychedelic blues sounds with catchy indie and alternative rock sensibility. After personally sampling the groups 3 music releases, you can definitely get a dose of blues with with tracks like "Sweet Little Girl" and a fix for your Indie Pop side with a song like "Invincible". But as a whole, SO3 takes me back about 10 years to the heyday of alternative rock with a sound that fits similarly into the likes of The Offspring, Lit, and SR71. This band also pulls together a really comprehensive rock sound with only three instruments.

SO3's newest song release (I Just Want You To) was just recently released as a music video that you can check out below. I've watched it a few times now and still can't decide if the guy or the girl is the better dancer. Check out the video below and let me know who you're voting for in this pajama dance off!

And once you are done dancing to the music video, you can check out all of SO3's music at their Bandcamp site. While you're there, you can download their song "Invincible" for free. Also as an added bonus, the band has been nice enough to offer up a couple of other tracks for Music Sourced readers that you can find linked below. This was a very nice gesture from the band. So if you like the free downloads, go and like their Facebook page to return the love and to check out pictures, shows, and more!

Band Links:
Facebook Page: "Like" the Band
Bandcamp: SO3 Music
Join SO3's Mailing List

Right-Click "Save As" to Download:
Download: I Just Want You To
Download: Johnny on the Underground


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