Monday, July 11, 2011

Lab Records - Free Music Sampler and Much Much More

I have another free summer music sampler for everyone to enjoy today. This one comes from UK based independent label Lab Records. Lab Records represents a very strong lineup of Pop/Rock bands that have all made a fairly well known name for themselves. Just like any music sampler you are bound to found a song and sound you like from the track listing if you are a fan of the Pop/Rock genre. You can preview all of the tracks on the release and download them using the widget below. There are some strong offerings from the bands Not Advised, The Morning Of, OctaneOK, and my favorite on this album Kyoto Drive - "So Much Alive". Also, if you like what you hear from "The Cape Race", they offer a free EP on their site for download CLICK HERE.

And that's not all folks. We are taking this post to a new height of free-ness because on July 15th, Lab Records is offering nearly everything in their Merch Store for free for one day only! This includes music, T-shirts, accessories, and more! All you will have to pay for is shipping on these items. This is a first of its kind in my own personal experience and I will be sure to check it out on the 15th. Strictly for the free T-shirts alone this is a good deal. Everyone loves a free T-shirt. Click on the link below to hit up the Lab Records merch store to preview their goods. Get on with your free downloading as well..... it's Music Monday!

Lab Records - Merch Store


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