Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music Sourced: Top 10 Most Influential Albums - Intro

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Jordan and I continuously find ourselves talking about music. What's good, what's bad, what we're currently listening to and so on. Out of these conversations we end up covering many era's and genre's and it is interesting to see what bands enter in to our discussion. Just the other day we spent 15 minutes talking about what songs showed up as our "Most Played" songs within iTunes.

Out of these conversations came an idea for MusicSourced where we can write about some of our favorite bands, albums, songs and post them for anyone else to add their thoughts to. We have decided to each write about our personal Top 10 Most Influential Albums. Now these album choices are going to be based on the bands and albums that have personally changed the way we listen to music. Let it be known that it is not a list of albums of all-time most influential albums for all of mankind. These are just our own exclusive lists about the albums that have shaped our own personal music taste.

The neatest part about both of our lists is that Jordan and I aren't going to share with each other what our top albums are until they are posted on MusicSourced. So I am personally excited to see what Jordan's Top 10 list is and why he has chosen each specific album. We will both write two posts each with #'s 10-6 and then finally #'s 5-1 starting this evening. So keep your eyes peeled for some good music coming at you in the next few days. And feel free to add your own top albums
or opinions in the comments!

Now it is safe to assume Jordan I both know each other's music tastes fairly well so to make this fun we figured we would take a guess at the 10 artists or bands that we think will be featured in each other's Top 10 lists. The lists below represent our guesses for each other with what we think will appear in our Top 10's. These are in no specific order and they are not album specific. We will see how close we come....

Jamen List for Jordan
  • Jack Johnson
  • John Mayer
  • Blind Melon
  • Dave Matthews
  • The Counting Crows
  • Neil Young
  • Stone Temple Pilots
  • Drew Holcomb
  • Green River Ordinance
  • The Eagles

Jordan's List for Jamen
  • Jack's Mannequin
  • Ben Folds
  • Yellowcard
  • Third Eye Blind
  • The Damnwells
  • Something Corporate
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • The Eagles
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • The Counting Crows

Top 10 Image: Flickr


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