Friday, August 12, 2011

Serialbox Presents - David Ramirez

Well David Ramirez has done it again by finding another way to freely release music to the fans. This time he has been featured as a part of a live music video project from SerialBox Presents. This project is all about recording live music cuts from some seriously good artists in an alternative form (not the CD version). This means live raw music professionally video taped and recorded for music fans. I'm going to have to feature their work with some other artists on here because they have worked with some of my favorite artists. You can get a head start on me by checking out the SerialBox Presents website.

Now we have covered the music of David Ramirez twice before and I am personally a big fan of this guys music.  I have never had the opportunity to see him live, but I have seen a few of his other music videos. Ramirez in my opinion is more than just a musical talent. The guy has a knack for not just singing you a song, but he can pull you in to the experience of the lyrics until you feel it. I think if I ever heard David Ramirez sing a song about a heart attack, my heart would start pounding, my head would feel light, and I would be on the verge of dialing 911. Read an excerpt from another persons experience of hearing David play live and watch his SerialBox feature video below.

"From the corner of the room, I see David walk up on stage carrying his guitar. He plugged in, put his beer down by the mic stand, and started playing over the chatter and clinking beer bottles. And that is when something truly special happened. By the end of the first verse, half of the room was silent. By the end of the first chorus, the entire room. By the end of the first song, the bartenders stopped serving drinks because the entire bar was on their feet and had moved in towards the stage. Every head was turned, every conversation halted, every eye on him."

The best part of this project for the fans is that the recorded music is available for free download. Like I said, I will have to feature more music from the SerialBox Presents sessions because they produce fantastic work and they record some really incredible music talents. You can download four free tracks from David Ramirez that was recorded during this session on his website, or by using the widget below. Also below you will find a link to the David Ramirez page on the SerialBox site where they post interview questions and give the credits for the video. Fantastic work.

SerialBox Presents: David Ramirez


Alexander Thornade said...

I`ve seen him live and I can say is a delight to see him singing. I am a huge fan of this guys music.

Jamen Elbert said...

I'm hoping to see him in the midwest sometime soon. He is the best artist I have discovered this year. I've picked up all the tracks I can find on this guy.

Thanks for your comments Alexander

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