Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Damnwells, Harper Blynn, Carley Tanchon - Live from Uncle Slayton's

Carley Tanchon

I got to Louisville as fast and as legal as possible and caught Carley's last three songs. So for not seeing a good range of her music, I can at least say that she rocks a big voice. She seemed very comfortable owning an empty stage with just herself and her acoustic guitar as the first act. She had fun with it, and even took a request. I really enjoyed her song Fearlessly and I didn't hesitate to buy her album to see what else she had to offer. Turns out you can download her entire album "Leave the Light On" for free on her bandcamp site (Link Below). Bonus: There is a really good cover song on the album of "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

Harper Blynn
Well hello Harper Blynn, I've heard a lot about you. After hearing talk about this groups vocal talents and sampling their cover of "Halo", I was excited to see their set. Turns out I was even more impressed with their instrumentals and the way they pieced together each song. If your a fan of a solid jam band, these guys will fit the bill. I kid you not, after each song the guitarists would change their tuning and pedalboard mixing and even the drummer changed around his drum kit specifically for each song. Now I realize if Harper Blynn was on a multi-million dollar tour they would probably have a rack of individually tuned guitars. They didn't have that luxury but they still took extra time in between each song to get it right.

Once they had all the instruments to spec they rocked it. I twitterized a picture from their show labeled the Custodians of Sound. I was impressed with these guys and in my opinion they are much better live than they are on CD (that's a good thing). They announced they are in the works of recording a new album and they played several songs that will be on that future release. I personally enjoyed some of their new songs the most including a song titled "Sucker". Looking forward to their future works.

The Damnwells
Or more appropriately titled "The Damnwell". The rotating Damnwells included the always present Alex Dezen (lead singer) and Harper Blynn as the backing band. This was the first time I had seen Alex Dezen perform his music with the support of a full rock band. It was definitely good to hear some of his songs played on high (I Am A Leaver, No One Listens to the Band Anymore), but you could tell that the guys from Harper Blynn had more practice with some songs over others. I will however, always get more enjoyment out of  the songs where Alex sings solo with his acoustic guitar. The guy has such an epic voice its almost a shame to dilute it with rock amplification. I took the opportunity to record some of his acoustic songs and his performance of the song titled "Soundtrack" turned out really well. You can listen to him play "Soundtrack" live from Uncle Slaytons by using the widget below. If you are interested in free music to download from The Damnwells, check out all of our previous posts.

If anyone has an interest in any of the songs recorded from Uncle Slayton's, please contact me by Email. Really enjoyed the venue. The acoustics were terrific.


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