Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SerialBox Presents - Paper Route

Continuing on down the path of my SerialBox infatuation, I want to share some love for the guys of Paper Route. I am also going to go ahead and declare this as my video of the week because I think it's fantastic. Check out Paper Route's creative percussion approach to their song titled "Carousel".

The SerialBox Presents group was the first to introduce me to Paper Route by means of this video. After a deeper look in to the groups music, I can clearly define them in my own mind as music experimentalists. You can see in the video the creative approach to sound that they bring to their music and you will find more of the same while exploring the rest of their song catalog. The original electric version of "Carousel" is a full-bodied, high energy song featuring many different instruments.

After reading the groups interview on Serialbox, I discovered that this video wasn't solely conceived for this project. It turns out, this group plays an acoustic set after every one of their shows while the road crew packs up the trailer. I can just imagine once those drums are packed up you will hear plenty of claps and finger snaps. Find out more about the group using the links below.

SerialBox Interview: Paper Route
Download Paper Route: Carousel
Paper Route's Website


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