Monday, October 10, 2011

Matt Nathanson Download - Redemption Post

I feel like I need to redeem myself today. This redemption post has been on my "thing s to do" list for quite some time now and I feel like today is the day. Let me fill you in on what I'm referring to.

So several months ago back in June, I wrote a post about Matt Nathanson's new album release "Modern Love". I've been a fan of his music for a good long while now and I was pretty excited about hearing new music from him. Leading up to the release date, Matt released a free download of one of the single's off of the new album which I was eager to share with the Music Sourced community. I shared the free download of "Mercy" with my "Matt Nathanson - Modern Love Download" post. The free download only lasted a few days and that post has gone on to be the most frequently viewed post in our sites existence...

Now I'm assuming that people aren't ending up on our site to read me blather on about artists and their awesomeness. Most people have their favorite bands in mind so they hit up a Google search for <Insert Band Name Here>  Free Music and viola you have arrived here. So I have always felt bad that so many people had an interest to get a free download from Matt Nathanson and came away with nothing.

So it's redemption day! Matt Nathanson fans rejoice because I am sharing a free download to an entire live recorded acoustic show (25 tracks!). This download offers 4 tracks that are featured on his newest album and plenty of other classics. Also featured in between songs is Matt's sense of humor which is like a professional ad-lib comedy sketch. They guy is just a funny dude and he jokes about older women, osteoporosis, Justin Bieber, misogyny, ninjas, turn-on's, small type font, and airport terminal announcements (How awesome does that sound already?). My favorite songs on this album are "Suspended" with the crowd participation and also Matt's cover of Simon and Garfunkle's "Boxer".

Enjoy this free download! And if I need to write a redemption post on any other artist please let me know. Otherwise I think I might take a shift and spend the rest of the week sharing free downloads from the rap & R&B genre. So speak now or hold your peace!

If that wasn't enough, heck here's more! Found this a few hours later from the wonderful people that run Download Matt's Daytrotter session HERE.

Download: Matt Nathanson - Live at the Soiled Dove


NatalieNoe said...

Looking forward to seeing some music dloads from the rap & r&b genre! Thanks music sourced for covering all different kinds of music! Keep up the good work!

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