Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Music Sourced Movember !!

As a way to promote health among men everywhere, we at Music Sourced have came up with a proactive approach to spread the word about prostate cancer. Nearly 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, many of them after the age of 40. This is why it is beneficial for men to get a yearly checkup to help detect it early.

A great cause has grown over the past years known as Movember. The idea behind it is simple, during the month of November grow a mustache and help spread the word. All it takes is one person to pass the word on to others to keep raising awareness. I have created a team on the Movember website, don't hesitate to click here to join our cause, the more the merrier! It doesn't matter if you've never grown a mustache in your life or if you are a Tom Selleck look alike, all are encouraged to help do their part.

We would like to see what kind of response we can get with this idea, if you support our cause (male or female) please comment on this post. Jamen "Baby Face" Elbert mentioned he would only grow a mustache if Music Sourced readers requested him too, so please feel free to give him words of encouragement....

As a way to tie this into our music theme I decided to create a list of my top 5 mustaches in music history.

5.Ted Nugent

4.Jim Croce

3. Freddie Mercury

2. Ricky Skaggs

1. John Oates

Again, if anyone is interested in helping our cause or joining our team it is very much appreciated, Happy Movember!


Clint Fenwick said...

For my money, Jim Croce has one of the finest cookie dusters in recorded history.

Jordan Fenwick said...

Also, if I missed any honorable mustachios, feel free to let us know who you would've put in your top 5!

Jonathon Dewveall said...

Jamen, you know I'm in. I've already got the stache.

Clint Fenwick said...

I don't think any mustachioed musicians list is incomplete without Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmister.

Jamen Elbert said...

Hah, thanks Jonathon. I myself am trying to muster up some excitement for this endeavor. Never grown a stache before. The Mo Code states that you can either start "stache free" or raise money to shave the mustache at the end of November. If you have any grooming tips for us newbies, I'd appreciate the input!

Dionysus Hazelbacchus said...

Fuck yeah Movember. It's on. 

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