Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Hits - 10/7/2011

Tony Lucca - Dirty Work

I enjoy a good Tony Lucca acoustic ballad. He has a great voice for it. Lucca has just recently released a new album called Under The Influence and I hope to hear some great tunes from it. He released this song as a free download to precede this albums release. This song is a lot more pop than I'm used to hearing out of Tony but it's a solid tune.
Download: Dirty Work
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

So all of a sudden I hear this song everywhere. I get notified by a friend from Texas that "Pumped Up Kicks" is all over the radio there. In the days that followed I heard it on the radio, saw it on TV, saw it performed live by Mat Kearney, and learned to play it myself on guitar. Everyone's pumping up their kicks and there are also a lot of people making remixes and I have three versions for you as a free download.
Download: Pumped Up Kicks
The Rifles - Long Walk Back

I love free music shopping on Amazon. Out of the top 50 songs on the free download charts, this is the one I enjoyed most. Maybe I should listen to more of these guys. Heck, maybe there is some more of their free music out there. I'll have to take a look.
Download: Long Walk Back

Backseat Goodbye - This Summer Love

I can't peg the time and the place, but I know I have come across the music of Backseat Goodbye. Chad Sugg is the solo driving force behind the music of Backseat Goodbye and he also puts out solo music under his own name. This song was released as a sample from his latest EP Oh, How I Waste These Days.


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