Thursday, October 6, 2011

The World Cafe Next 20 - NPR

When I think of National Public Radio (NPR) I slowly start to fall asleep thinking about the hours of talk radio I've consumed riding in a vehicle with my dad. Until today, the best thing that NPR has influenced has been the SNL comedy sketch spoofing the monotone delivery or their radio hosts.

But everyday brings new things to your life and if I may ask, has anybody heard of NPR music? I stumbled upon this today as I was filtering through all the retrospectives of the life of Steve Jobs. Apparently NPR's World Cafe radio show has been nationally syndicated for 20 years. The World Cafe Next program specifically focuses on emerging up and coming artists. I really am amazed at how I have missed this. NPR radio has emerged on my radar with a free 20 song download of emerging artists to celebrate their 20 year history. After a quick pass through the music it looks like a really good mix of artists, genres, and music styles. The music is offered up on their site which you can get to with the link below. The downloads are offered individually or as a full download so go an pick out what you like!
As for the life of Steve Jobs, it really is amazing to look back on the guys life and really consider how much he has shaped our day to day life. For me individually, he has played a major role in developing everything that I have based my professional career around with music and technology. Music Sourced has been developed, researched, and consumed world wide on Apple products. And the inspiration for this site hinges almost completely on the digital music landscape Mr. Jobs envisioned and brought to life for us all to enjoy. Thank you Steve.


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