Friday, November 4, 2011

David Ramirez - Live at the Cactus

David Ramirez continues to release his quality music free to music fans everywhere. It seems like every time I hear about a new release from Ramirez, it is offered as a free download. As long as this trend continues to happen, I will continue to share it on this space. I'm a fan.

This time around he has released an 11-track live album that was recorded at the Cactus in Austin Texas. Fortunately for me, 7 of those songs are new to my ears. A few of the songs on this live album are also new songs that Ramirez hasn't released yet until now. I really enjoyed David discussing the backstory to "Wandering Man" and the sacrifices and lifestyle that comes along with being a musician. This admission to the crowd lead him up to his song "Deal Me In" which is one of the first songs he wrote for himself as a solo artist. I also really enjoyed the live verion of the song "Arithmetic".

The inhabitants of Austin Texas and the surrounding area are fortunate to have this guy as a part of their local music scene. I was happy to hear David Ramirez in his live form and I believe you might as well. Click the link below to download his live album from his Facebook page and you can also check out our other David Ramirez posts for more of his Free Music.

Free Download: David Ramirez - Live at The Cactus


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