Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Making Noise - 11/24/2011

Here is another edition of What's Making Noise where we dive in to some of the best free music downloads from NoiseTrade. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Matt Wertz - Twenty Three Places

I have owned this album for several years now and it's my favorite release from Matt Wertz. It is a great introduction to his music and a fantastic free download. Don't miss getting it. Songs like "Red Meets Blue", "Marianne" and his holiday bonus track titled "Snow Globe" are really enjoyabe.
Red Meets Blue by Matt Wertz on Grooveshark

Jillian Edwards - Galaxies and Such

Well hello Jillian Edwards. This NoiseTrade sampler is my first introduction to her music and I'm in love with the voice! I also found myself enjoying the creative composition of her music on this sampler. This Thanksgiving I can be thankful for this discovery and free download.
Songbird by Jillian Edwards on Grooveshark

Jars of Clay - Gather and Build

Not a whole lot needs to be mentioned about Jars of Clay. They have been on the scene since the 90's and have been making good music ever since. This sampler includes their song "Closer".  I want your kite strings tangled in my tree all wrapped up. 

Good line.
Closer by Jars of Clay on Grooveshark
Dispatch - NoiseTrade Sampler

Here's another sampler from another group that has been around for quite a while. Once again this is a sampler from the groups collection as a whole. I'm a big fan of their song "The General" and it is a part of this free sampler. I actually first heard the song as a cover from another band and I constantly hear it covered by many artists.
The General by Dispatch on Grooveshark
Download: NoiseTrade Sampler


Natalie Noe said...

Currently downloading Twenty Three Places and Galaxies and Such! Thanks MUSICSOURCED for free downloads of cool new tunes! PS Keep up the good work raising awareness and mulah for Movember! You guys rock the mustaches' quite well! :)

Jamen Elbert said...

Glad you like the tunes Natalie, and thank you for supporting our Movember campaign!

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