Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green River Ordinance - Heart Of Me

Have you ever played the Waiting Game?
  • I'm calmly waiting until Green River Ordinance releases their first LP in 3 years on February 28th 2012 titled "Under Fire".
  • I'm patiently waiting to buy tickets to attend the Green River Ordinance tour that will be announced in support of their upcoming album release.
In the meantime, the group has released the first single off of the "Under Fire" album titled "Heart Of Me". They have also released the video for this single and a package of 3 free songs to download which includes this newest song. Visit the bands website for the free 3-track download:

Have you not heard of Green River Ordinance yet? Check out their new video below and get acquainted because this will not be the last time you hear from them. Just wait...

Free Download: Heart of Me

Green River Ordinance has also released a free sampler on Noisetrade that includes 7 of the groups best songs from all of their releases. To download the sampler, click HERE

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Free Albums of 2011 - Still Available!

This is the last review post from 2011 I promise! I plan to catch up with the times again here shortly. I did however find it important to spotlight some of the most popular free music downloads from our site that are still available to download! So if you see any music listed below that you are unfamiliar with, take a listen. This is the best that 2011 had to offer.

Green River Ordinance
Download: Out of My Hands
This group was our best music discovery of 2011. I was searching the ranks of Noisetrade and found this album near the top of the popularity charts. I am very surprised that this album is still available on their site because it truly is a full-length high quality album. It appears that giving free music to the fans has paid mighty dividends because they are releasing a new album on February 28th that was fully fan-funded from their Kickstarter project. This group has massive appeal and their music was tops on my iPod this past year.

The Rocket Summer
Download: His Instrument And Your Voices
This selection was the easiest to make when considering the best free albums from 2011. Our Rocket Summer post from May 25th has dominated our sites traffic and received the highest fan response on Facebook, Twitter, and around the web. The Rocket Summer has a pretty passionate fan base that's fueled by a pretty passionate performing front-man in Bryce Avary. This album shares 16 tracks and it features a solo Bryce performing some of his hits for fans across the U.S.

The Civil Wars
Download: Live at Eddie's Attic
If you are wondering why a free album from The Civil Wars would be such a big deal, then you probably weren't paying attention the music scene in 2011. This duo blew up in a big way this year with their very first album release. This album is a live set that they performed at Decatur GA's famous Eddie's Attic and it features many songs that were featured on their award winning first album.

The Damnwells
Download: Noisetrade Sampler
The Damnwells have done a lot for the fans, and independent music artists everywhere. After being chewed up by the major music industry, they released a full length album to their fans at no cost without the backing of a crowd funding social platform. They then went on to partner with Pledge Music for their next release which helped set the standard for the fan funded music movement. This free download is a music sampler from many of the albums that The Damnwells have released including their newest release "No One Listens to the Band Anymore". This one might also be a bit personal, because The Damnwells are high on my list of favorite music.

David Ramirez
Download: Live at The Cactus
This guy is a modern day music troubadour. As far as I've seen, he is always on tour packing his 6 string and some heavy lyrics to any stage that will have him. I have noticed many times on his Twitter feed asking his followers for a place to play and a couch to sleep on based on wherever he was currently located. He has also made at least 5 sets of music releases and distributed them for free in 2011 that I can think off of the top of my head. And most importantly, he is a damn good artist. I'll definitely hit one of his shows this year if I can catch up to him. This free download will give you a preview of his live show.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 In Review - Best Concerts

So I'm still feeling a pretty solid holiday hangover because I had full intention to get this 2011 review posted before the new year. #Fail. It's safe to say that all things "effort" related fell to the wayside this past holiday month. I am truly excited however to share some of my newest music cravings and start scheduling some upcoming shows this year. There are a lot of good albums coming out soon and tours will soon follow! Speaking of concerts and albums, I would like to list out the best shows and albums of 2011. Below you will find a list of the top concerts I got to attend this year.

I got to see nearly 100 acts live in concert during 2011 and I have listed out the top 5 shows that I attended in 2011. I tried to leave all bias out of it and focus on the music, stage presence, venue, crowd and overall aura and atmosphere of the show. I hope to be seeing more of these artists this year!

1. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Conseco Fieldhouse (Indianapolis, IN)

Bob Seger took the stage on his 66th birthday to put on a 3 hour and 3 encore show for a ruckus crowd of all generations. This is the only show that I have ever been to where the adults were being the irresponsible ones. Most in attendance that night would qualify for the senior citizen discount but they showed that they can still rock and roll like only their generation can. Bob Seger is still bringing energy and passion to the stage and sounds just the same as his early recording days. Backed by one of the most talented bands in the business, his act should not be missed.

2. Something Corporate
The Pageant (St. Louis, MO)

Something Corporate got together for a 10 year reunion tour which had music fans buzzing all summer long. I have never witnessed so much excitement as the crowd went wild as the first chords played for EVERY song. The groups fan base was so crazed to see this group back together again and the SoCo guys delivered with a great high energy show. Seeing Andrew McMahon smashing piano keys with his feet is a sight that has to be witnessed. It was truly something special for me to have the opportunity to see them play live.

3. Green River Ordinance
12th and Porter (Nashville, TN)

This show came shortly after GRO released a very successful acoustic EP titled The Morning Passengers. GRO has a very polished sound and catchy lyrics and were top dog on my iPod this year. To end the show, the group brought their acoustic instruments in to the crowd to perform a campfire version of "Where the West Wind Blows" which now stands as the most memorable concert moment of my life. This group has mass appeal and deserves to have a more prevalent status in the music scene. More than any other band I know.

4. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Exit/IN (Nashville, TN)

This cherished local Nashville group played in front of a lot of friends and family in support of their very successful summer album release titled Chasing Someday. The husband and wife duo of Drew and Ellie Holcomb brings a unique connection to the music that this group performs. They personify a group that truly enjoys performing for the fans and sharing their music message with a purpose. Their opening act Mockingbird Sun had some of the sweetest harmonies I heard all year. Both of these bands have received a lot of coverage on this site.

5. Alex Dezen
Uncle Slaytons (Louisville, KY)

Alex Dezen (frontman of The Damnwells) is such a treat to hear as a solo acoustic act. His empathetic vocals has a way of transferring an emotional connection and will immediately silence a room. He is also very good about socializing with the crowd and have a running dialog with the fans as the show plays out. Funny guy I must say. Harper Blynn opened for Alex and their careful construction of vocals and instrumentals created the best aesthetic sounds I heard all year long.

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