Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jenny & Tyler - Faint Not

There's a good amount of male/female music duo's out there that are on my good music radar. I gravitate towards the contrasting vocals because it typically makes for a pretty aestheticly pleasing harmony. One of those duo's that fit this description is Jenny & Tyler.

The Nashville based husband and wife duo benefit artisticly from having different musical influences/backgrounds, as well as having common beliefs and interests. They describe their latest album release titled "Faint Not" as a "journey of faith" and an "honest telling of our relationship with the Lord and with each other". In contrast, one of their most recognizeable songs titled "One-Eyed Cat" playfully pokes fun at the couple's differences in interest and lifestyle. The end product of these similarities and differences equates in to a well-rounded musical offering that can currently be acquired for free from several different sources!

If you go to the Jenny & Tyler website they have a "Free" section on their site that offers up over 20 of their songs at no cost. Including their latest album in its entirety! You can get a sample of the duo's sound by viewing their newest video for the title track of their latest album shown below.

NOTE: If you enjoy playing the acoustic guitar you can also check out the "Chords" section on their site. It shows the chord progression for all of their music. A really cool offering. One that I appreciate!

Download - Jenny and Tyler's Music

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jack Johnson - Turn Your Love : Free Download

Happy February friends !! Ok, so maybe I'm a little late in getting that out there but it's never to late to enjoy some free music.  As I was perusing through Jack Johnson's website reading about his upcoming live album (which I'm sure I'll write about when it comes out in April) I came across a free download of Jack's song Turn Your Love that they offered for free on Valentines Day.  After clicking the link I was happy to see that it was still available.  This version of the song features a few of Jack's more frequent collaborators Paula Fuega and Animal Liberation Orchestra playing live in Berkeley.  In all truth why should you have one special day of the year to tell that special someone you love them? Getting this free track a week late may be just the help you need to get off the couch and back into the good graces of your significant other.... no need to thank us, just pay it forward to someone else that could use the healing vocals of a great lyricist like Jack Johnson.  

Before I forget here is the link to the download.  Turn Your Love

Friday, February 17, 2012

FUN: Aim and Ignite - Free Download

Big news coming from a band that is about to make some noise. The trio that call themselves FUN has released their first album "Aim and Ignite" as a free download. This album was initially release on August 25th 2009 and has garnered the group a good amount of fanfare for their creative music process. Fun stays true to their name with upbeat lyrics and sound, but their genre is harder to pinpoint. Drawing influences from Queen and the Beach Boys as well as channeling sounds from their previous bands (The Format, Anathallo, and Steel Train).

Fun is offering a free download of their first album in anticipation of the release of their sophomore album titled "Some Nights" on February 21st. You might recognize the first single off of this album "We Are Young" from the Super Bowl stuntman commercial for the Chevy Sonic. Check out the official music video for "We Are Young" below and use the widget to preview and download the groups first album "Aim and Ignite". Great music, at an even better price.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Video of the Week - Erato

The creativity of the human mind is just about endless. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, abstract talents and creative ideas can be put on display from all cultures and societies. I'm sure that there isn't very many of you out there that can claim that haven't spent at least a half hour straight viewing random videos on YouTube. One of the greatest displays of human awe-inspiring accomplishment can be viewed on one of my favorite YouTube videos titled People are Awesome.

But that video really isn't music related. But pretty gosh darn impressive isn't it? But musically speaking, I came across this video from viewing Sara Bareilles's Twitter feed. It is a Sweedish group by the name or Erato covering the song "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn. And along the lines of creativity, this trio uses cottage cheese containers to create the main beat of the song! This alone is pretty awesome, but the groups harmony is what really deserves the attention. From what I can tell, Erato is just getting started as a musical group but you can learn more about this group using the links below. Check out this awesome video of the week from Erato.

Erato Blog (Use Google Translate):
Erato: Facebook

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fray - Scars & Stories

The biggest album release so far this year for me personally dropped today. The Fray released their third full-length album today titled "Scars & Stories". I was excited to find the entire album's worth of songs available to stream and preview today on Grooveshark. Good music just makes the work day go smoothly!

The Fray have a knack of creating music that just gets stuck in your head. Not just lyrically, but the beat always seems to play on. Ask most people that own a radio and they could sing you the chorus of "How to Save A Life" on the spot. Time will tell if they score another huge smash from this album, but their first single release "Heartbeat" is a solid contender for massive radio play. There are many other songs that could also garner a lot of attention, but I personally had the song "Munich" playing on repeat today.

Anybody else have a favorite track from "Scars & Stories"? Leave a comment below! If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to any of the new album yet, you can stream the entire album using the widget below. If you're like me, you'll let it run all day!

The band has also debuted a newly designed website. Check them out at

The Fray - Scars & Stories by Music Sourced on Grooveshark

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Wooden Birds

To ease in to the beginning of another work week, I have been listening to the newest release from The Wooden Birds titled "Two Matchsticks". It hit me perfectly on Monday morning with a constant paced acoustic guitar and light vocals. The Wooden Birds released "Two Matchsticks" last summer but they still have some free tracks to download. They also have a new video for their track "Criminals Win". See the video below and use the widget to download this song (and others) for free! You can also check out my favorite track off of the album titled "Too Pretty To Say Please".

And lastly, The Wooden Birds are featured on their label's Summer Sampler found on Amazon featuring their song "Two Matchsticks". Download the free Barsuk Summer of 2011 Sampler HERE.

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