Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jack Johnson - Turn Your Love : Free Download

Happy February friends !! Ok, so maybe I'm a little late in getting that out there but it's never to late to enjoy some free music.  As I was perusing through Jack Johnson's website reading about his upcoming live album (which I'm sure I'll write about when it comes out in April) I came across a free download of Jack's song Turn Your Love that they offered for free on Valentines Day.  After clicking the link I was happy to see that it was still available.  This version of the song features a few of Jack's more frequent collaborators Paula Fuega and Animal Liberation Orchestra playing live in Berkeley.  In all truth why should you have one special day of the year to tell that special someone you love them? Getting this free track a week late may be just the help you need to get off the couch and back into the good graces of your significant other.... no need to thank us, just pay it forward to someone else that could use the healing vocals of a great lyricist like Jack Johnson.  

Before I forget here is the link to the download.  Turn Your Love


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