Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jenny & Tyler - Faint Not

There's a good amount of male/female music duo's out there that are on my good music radar. I gravitate towards the contrasting vocals because it typically makes for a pretty aestheticly pleasing harmony. One of those duo's that fit this description is Jenny & Tyler.

The Nashville based husband and wife duo benefit artisticly from having different musical influences/backgrounds, as well as having common beliefs and interests. They describe their latest album release titled "Faint Not" as a "journey of faith" and an "honest telling of our relationship with the Lord and with each other". In contrast, one of their most recognizeable songs titled "One-Eyed Cat" playfully pokes fun at the couple's differences in interest and lifestyle. The end product of these similarities and differences equates in to a well-rounded musical offering that can currently be acquired for free from several different sources!

If you go to the Jenny & Tyler website they have a "Free" section on their site that offers up over 20 of their songs at no cost. Including their latest album in its entirety! You can get a sample of the duo's sound by viewing their newest video for the title track of their latest album shown below.

NOTE: If you enjoy playing the acoustic guitar you can also check out the "Chords" section on their site. It shows the chord progression for all of their music. A really cool offering. One that I appreciate!

Download - Jenny and Tyler's Music


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