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About Jordan

Name: Jordan Fenwick
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Profession: IT Professional
Where do you live: Evansville
Instruments I can play: Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica
College: Indiana University
Top Ten Favorite Bands / Artists: Jack Johnson, Neil Young, John Mayer, Blind Melon, Stone Temple Pilots, Blues Traveler
My First Concert: I'm sure I went to more when I was a child but first real concert of my choice was  Creed's Weathered tour in 8th Grade.  I've been to numerous other concerts including , Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Doobie Brothers, Ted Nugent, Josh Turner... and many more....
Favorite TV Shows: South Park, Psych, King of Queens,
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting, Dumb and Dumber, Home Alone, Pulp Fiction
Favorite Book:  Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Food: Anything

Follow Jordan Fenwick on Twitter
Follow Jordan Fenwick on Twitter

About Jamen

Name: Jamen Elbert
Age: 26
Height: 6'3
Hair: Brown
Profession: Engineer
Where do you live: Evansville, IN
Car(s) that you own / drive: I drive a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I also have a classic Camaro that I have hopes of restoring to its 1976 glory.
Instruments I can play: Guitar
College: Purdue (Boiler Up!)
Top Ten Favorite Bands / Artists: (In no specific order) - Ben Folds, Something Corporate, Yellowcard, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz, A Fine Frenzy, John Mayer, The Damnwells, CCR, Angels & Airwaves.
My First Concert: Sister Hazel at Disney World. I only knew one of their songs at the time.
Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Community, King of Queens, Family Guy, Rules of Engagement, Chuck
Favorite Movie: I am a huge movie buff. I enjoy comedies and underdog stories so inevitably my favorite movie(s) are Dumb and Dumber and Rudy.
Favorite Food: Subway Eat Fresh!

Where else can you find Jamen
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Follow Jamen Elbert on Twitter
Follow JamenElbert on Twitter

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