Our Focus

Music Sourced is a site where you can find a lot of your favorite music and an inside look at many of your favorite bands and artists. Our goal is to take you straight to the "Source" of the music providing links to free music downloads as well as reviews of albums and live shows.

Our focus is to share as many FREE MUSIC downloads to as many of your favorite artists and bands that we can find. Music nowadays is moving farther and farther away from the money of album sales. The trend is moving towards free music, free giveaways, and free perks for following bands on their fan sites with the goal of attracting people to their music and to come and see their live shows. Many mainstream artists and bands release free albums and song releases to their fans and its our goal to find those links and share them!

In addition to sharing links to album and song downloads, you will also find blog posts about some of our favorite bands and artists as well as up and coming artists that we have come across. Lastly, we will also do concert reviews of the live shows that we attend.

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